Kim Sudeok

Kim Su-deok (Hangul: 김수덕, Hanja: 金修德), later known as Princess Deokindang (Hangul: 덕인당 김씨, Hanja: 德仁堂 金氏) (22 December 1880 – 14 January 1964), was the spouse of Prince Yi Kang of Korea. She was a daughter of 1st Baron Kim Sajoon. After the Korean independence of 1945, she lived in her own palace in Seoul.


Kim Sudeok (Hangul: 김수덕, Hanja: 金修德) was born into the Yeonan Kim clan on 22 December 1880 in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, Joseon Korea to 1st Baron Kim Sa-jun and Lady Hwang of the Changwon Hwang clan, but lived in Yangju, Gyeonggi for a little bit before her family moved to Hanseong (modern day Seoul) in 1881 where she spent most of her life before marriage. In 1886, she had changed her name from Kim Su-deok to Kim Suk (Hangul: 김숙, Hanja: 金淑). After 3 rounds of selection by Queen Min, Kim Sajoon's daughter was chosen and was arranged to marry Yi Kang, the son of Emperor Gojong and his concubine, Imperial Consort Gwi-in of the Deoksu Jang clan, on 6 December 1893. But prior to her marriage, her father had given a note written by Queen Inmok to Queen Min that stated to never marry into the royal family due to the events of her marriage, but Queen Min was adamant in her decision as she liked his daughter's virtue. After the couple married, Yi Kang had started to collect a lot of lawsuits, debt, and bribes as if he lived in luxury. Her royal title became "Princess Consort Yeonwon". She and her husband never had children of their own as they didn't get along which led to Prince Uihwa to have 13 concubines, producing 12 step-sons and 9 step-daughters, during their marriage.

When Yi Kang was promoted to "King Uichin" in 17 August 1900, she was given the royal title of "Queen Uichin" and when Emperor Gojong abdicated from the throne on 20 July 1907, her royal title changed to "Duchess Consort of Yi Kang" and her husband's to "Duke Yi Kang". Kim Suk had witnessed the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty on 22 August 1910, Korea's Independence on 15 August 1945, and the start of the Korean war on 25 June 1950.

After the Korea's liberation on 15 August 1945, she lived in Byeol Palace in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and started to do Calligraphy work. On 15 August 1955, she converted from Buddhism to Roman Catholicism where she and her husband got baptized, and was given the name "Maria". During her later years, she started revisiting places like Anguk-dong in Gahoe-dong, Nakseonjae in Changdeok Palace, and Seunggwangjae in Pungnap-dong.


On 10 November 1963, Kim Suk started to have health complications as she struggled with her low blood pressure, and eventually died on 24 January 1964 at the age of 83 within Byeolgung Palace, Sadon Palace, Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea. She is buried with her husband in Hongneung.


Lady Kim Suk is the 8th great grandniece of Queen Inmok.


  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Gwangsan of the Gwangjo No clan (광산부부인, 光山府夫人) (1557 - 1637)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Gyu (김규, 金珪) (1596 - 1613); Queen Inmok's second eldest brother
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Seo Mi-saeng (서미생, 徐楣生), Lady Seo of the Daegu Seo clan (본관: 대구 서씨, 大丘 徐氏) (1597 - 1666)[2]
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Hong-seok (김홍석, 金弘錫)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Ho (김호, 金澔)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Sang-yoon (김상윤, 金相尹)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Sik (김식, 金烒)
  • Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Jae-jeong (김재정, 金載鼎)
  • Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Han (김한, 金鋎)
  • Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Seung-yeon (김승연, 金升淵)
  • Grandfather
    • Kim Deok-su (김덕수) (1832 - 1867)
  • Grandmother
    • Lady Jeong of the Dongrae Jeong clan (본관: 동래 정씨) (1832 - 1861)
  • Father
    • Kim Sa-joon (김사준, 金思濬) (1855 - 1917)
  • Mother
  • Husband


  • 22 December 1880 - 6 December 1893:

1. Kim Su-deok (김수덕, 金修德)

2. Kim Suk (김숙, 金淑)

3. Lady Kim (김씨, 金氏)

  • 6 December 1893 - 17 August 1900: Her Highness, Princess Consort Yeonwon (연원군부인, 延原君夫人)
  • 17 August 1900 - 20 July 1907: Her Highness, Queen Uichin (의친왕비, 義親王妃)
  • 20 July 1910 - 29 August 1910: Her Highness, Duchess Consort of Yi Kang (이강공비, 李堈公妃)
  • Posthumous title: Princess Deokindang (덕인당 김씨, 德仁堂 金氏)


  1. ^ He is a distant relative of Kim Ahn-ro
  2. ^ She is the eldest daughter of Princess Jeongshin (정신옹주) (1582/1583 - 1653), (a daughter of King Seonjo and younger sister of Prince Jeongwon), and Seo Gwang-jo (서경주, 徐景霌) (1579 - 1643)