Kim Ja-ok (October 11, 1951 – November 16, 2014) was a South Korean actress. Kim was born in Busan in 1951. Kim dropped out of Hanyang University majoring in Film. Kim started her acting career after admitted to a public recruit by MBC TV. During the early period of the 1970s, she mainly starred in TV series, while in the late 1970s, Kim focused on film. Kim gained a popularity for her cheerful depiction on a woman of the new generation such as Sinbu ilgi (신부일기).[1] Her last husband was singer, Oh Seung Geun. Her brother was announcer, Kim Tae Ok.

Kim Ja-ok
Ja-ok (center) in 2014
Born(1951-10-11)October 11, 1951
DiedNovember 16, 2014(2014-11-16) (aged 63)
Height1.56 m (5 ft 1+12 in)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Ja-ok
McCune–ReischauerKim Cha-ok

On November 16, 2014, it was reported by Yonhap News that Kim Ja-ok had died from lung cancer.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Filmography edit

*Note; the whole list is referenced.[9]

Films edit

Year English Title Other Known Title Romanization Role Director
1976 Common Woman A Common Woman Botong-yeoja Byun Jang-ho
1978 Miss O's Apartment Miss Oh's Apartment O-yang-ui Apateu Oh Mi-yeong Byun Jang-ho
1978 Yeong-ah's Confession Yeonga-ui gobaeg Byun Jang-ho
1978 Scar Wound Sangcheo Ha-young Ki Kim
1978 Killer Butterfly A Woman After a Killer Butterfly Salin nabireul jjonneun yeoja Ki-young Kim
1978 Man on Top of a Roof Jibung-wi-ui namja Park Nam-Su
1979 Water Lady Woman of Water Sunyeo (Susyeo) Ki-young Kim
1979 Miss O's Apartment Part 2 Miss Oh's Apartment Part 2 O-yang-ui Apateu 2 Mi-yeong Byun Jang-ho
1979 Riding a Wooden Horse The Woman on the Ferris Wheel Mogma-wi-ui yeoja Eung-cheon Kim
1979 Under an Umbrella Rainy Day in Autumn Ga-eulbi usansog-e
1979 The Woman Who Stole the Sun Tae-yang-eul humchin yeoja
1979 Red Gate of Tragedy Bilyeon-ui hongsalmun
1980 She Is Something An Awful Woman Geu yeoja salamjabne
1980 The Woman of Tuesday Night Tuesday Night's Woman Hwa-yo-ilbam-ui yeoja
1980 One Night at a Strange Place One Night in an Unfamiliar Place Nachseon gos-eseo halusbam
1981 Not for the World An Unhappy Life I sesang dajunda haedo
1981 Lovable You You Whom I Cannot Hate Mi-wohal su eobsneun neo
1988 Reality Daemul
1989 Wake Up The Dawn Saebeok-oeul Kkaewuriroda
1995 Secret Biseol
2003 My Tutor Friend Tutoring a Student of the Same Age DongGabnaegi Gwaoe-hagi Su-wan's Mother Kim Kyeong-hyeong
2005 Jenny, Juno Jeni, Juno Jenny's Mother Kim Ho-jun
2009 Descendants of Hong Gil Dong The Righteous Thief Hongkildongui Huye Seok Myeong-Ae Jeong Yong-Ki
2013 Nobody's Daughter Haewon Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon Jin-joo (Haewon's Mother) Hong Sang-soo

Television series edit

Year English Title Other Known Title Romanization Role Director
1980 Terminal Point
1991 The Royal Way The Royal Road Wang Do Queen Jeongsun Kim Jae Hyung
1994 Last Lovers Majimak Yeonin So Won Young
1996 Jo Gwang Jo Uhm Ki Baek
1997 Sea of Ambition Yongmangui Bada Yeo Jin (Kyung Ho's Aunt) Uhm Ki Baek
1999 Springtime Youth / Days of Youth Chungchoon Choi Yoon Suk
1999 The Boss Women Like You Wang Cho (Wang Jo) Jang Yong Woo
1999 Tomato Se Ra's Mother Jang Ki Hong
1999 Rising Sun, Rising Moon Rising Sun and Moon Hae tteu go Dal tteu go Yoon Ji's Mother Park Chan Hong, Hwang Eui Kyung
2000 Wang Rung's Land Wang Rung's Great Farm Land Wang rung ei Dae ji Gyo Ha Daek Lee Jong Han
2000 More Than Words Can Say Jot eun geol Eo tteok hae Yeo Nam Sook (Jang Soo's Mother) Kim Yong Kyu
2001 How Should I Be? What in the World Eojjeomyeon Joha Gong Hee Joo (Ri & Jin's Mother) Yoo Jung Joon
2001 Sangdo The Merchant Sangdo Mi Geum's Mother Lee Byung-hoon
2001 This is Love Jang Keum Nan (Hoon Sook's Mother) Moon Bo Hyun, Jin Hyung Wook
2003 On the Prairie On the Green Fields Jeo Pu-reun Cho-won-wi-e Bang Ok Hee (Tae Woong's Mother) Park Chan Hong
2003 Escape From Unemployment Baek su tal chul Kim Ki Ok Oh Se Kang
2003 Cats on the Roof Rooftop Room Cat / Attic Cat Ok-tap-bang Go-yang-ee Kim Soon Duk (Jung Eun's Mother) Kim Sa Hyun
2003 One Million Roses A Million Roses/ Million Blossoms of Roses Baekmansongi Jangmi Jo Mal Bong (Yu Jin's Mother) Moon Bo Hyun, Park Man Young
2003 Apgujeong House Apgujeong Jonggatjip (Apgujeong Jonggajip) Mother Kim Yong Jae
2004 Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest Miss Kim's Making One Billion Won Project / Miss Kim's Adventures in Making a Million / Troublemaker Miss Kim / Miss Kim Makes 1 Million Paranmanjang Miseu Kim 10 Eok Mandeulgi Jang Ki-Hong, Lee Min Chul
2004 Count of Myeongdong Count of Myungdong Myeongdong Baekjak Lee Hwa Ryong's sister Lee Chang Yong, Nam Nae Won, Park Ho Kyung]
2005 Be Strong, Geum-soon! Son Jung-sim (Geum-soon's Mother-in-Law) Lee Dae-young
2005 Bad Housewife Mr. Housewife / Bad Wife / House Husband Bul-lyang Joo-boo Park Ok Ja (Mi Na's Mother) Yoo In Shik, Jang Tae Yoo]
2005 My Lovely Sam Soon My Name is Kim Sam Soon Park Bong-sook (Sam Soon's Mother) Kim Yoon-cheol
2006 The Invisible Man The Invisible Man, Choi Jang Soo Tumyeongingan Choe Jang Su Kang Sook Ja Jung Hae Ryong
2006 My Beloved Sister My Older Sister / My Beloved Sister Noona / Nuna Gun Woo's Mother Oh Kyung Hoon
2007 Heaven & Earth Like Land and Sky / As Much as Heaven and Earth Haneul Mankeum Ddang Mankeum Ahn Hye-kyung (Eun-joo & Eun-ha's Mother) Moon Bo-hyun
2007 Several Questions That Make Us Happy Woorereul Haengbok Hake Myeot Kaji Chilmun Yeong-Wook Jun-ki Seong, Hong Seok-Ku, Yong-su Kim
2007 Coffee Prince Coffee Prince Keopipeurinseu 1 Hojeom Han-kyul's Mother Lee Yoon-jung
2007 Kimcheed Radish Cubes Just Love ggak-du-gi Choi Ji Sook Kwon Suk Jang
2007 Evasive Inquiry Agency A Sloppy Inquiry Office (cameo) Ham Young Hoon, Hwang In Hyuk, Lee Hyun Duk
2007 Four Gold Chasers Eolreong Ddungddang Hong Shin So Ham Yeong-Hun, Hwang In-Hyuk
2008 Single Dad in Love Single Papa in Love Singgeul Papaneun Yeolaejung Jung Eun Ji (Hyun Ki's Mother) Moon Bo Hyun
2008 Working Mom Woking Mam Kim Bok-sil Oh Jong-rok
2008 Worlds Within The World That They Live In Geudeuli Saneun Sesang Park Soo-jin (actress) Pyo Min-soo, Kim Kyu-tae
2009 The Accidental Couple Geu Babo (That Fool) / While I Was Looking / That Dummy / Just Looking Geujeo Bara Bodaga Director Yoon's First Love (cameo) Ki Min-soo
2009 High Kick Through the Roof Unstoppable High Kick (Season) 2 / High Kick 2 Jibungttulgo Haikik Kim Ja-ok Kim Byung Wook, Kim Young Ki, Jo Chan Joo
2010 Mom is Pretty Too Even Mom is Pretty / Mom is Also Pretty / Pretty Mom Eommado Yeppeuda Lee Soon Jin Uhm Ki Baek
2011 Ojakgyo Family Ojakgyo Brothers Ojakgyo hyeongjaedeul Park Bok-ja (Tae-sik & Tae Pil's Mother) Ki Min-soo
2011 Can't Lose Can't Live With Losing / I Can't Live Losing Jigoneun Motsal-a Hong Geum Ji Lee Jae Dong
2012 Tasty Life Delicious Life Matittneun Insaeng Woon Goon-Il
2013 Thrice Married Woman The Woman Who Married Three Times / She Gets Married Thrice Sebeon Gyeolhonhaneun Yeoja Madam Son (Joon-goo's Mother) Son Jung-hyun

Album discography edit

  • Princess is Lonely (1996)

Awards edit

References edit

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