Kim Gyo-gak (김교각, 金喬覺, 696-794), or Jin Qiaojue in Mandarin, was a Korean Buddhist monk believed to be the manifestation of Ksitigarbha at Mount Jiuhua, one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism, located in Anhui province, China.

Kim Gyo-gak
Revised RomanizationKim Gyogak
McCune–ReischauerKim Kyogak
Kim Gyo-gak
Traditional Chinese金喬覺
Simplified Chinese金乔觉

Kim Gyo-gak was a Silla prince, who became interested in Buddhism when visiting Tang China. Upon returning to Silla, he decided to become a monk. In 719, he returned to China to cultivate himself at Mount Jiuhua. He died in 794 in Mount Jiuhua, at the age of 99. The monks there believed that Ksitigarbha was reincarnated in him.[1] Mount Jiuhua thereafter became the sacred site of Ksitigarbha.[2]