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Kim Chol worked as a Vice Minister in the North Korean Army. He was allegedly purged and executed in spectacular fashion for “drinking and carousing” during the period of mourning for Kim Jong-il.[1] The report of his death was very explicit in saying he was exploded by mortar bombardment, and not shot by firing squad.[1][2] However, Foreign Policy observed the claims probably originated from gossip and noted that stories about violent deaths of North Korean elites tend to be "exaggerated."[3]

Kim Chol
Bornc. 1960
DiedUnconfirmed if dead
Occupationformer Vice Minister
EmployerNorth Korean Army
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Cheol
McCune–ReischauerKim Ch'ŏl

Kim was one of 14 senior party, military, and government officials who were purged during Kim Jong-un's consolidation of power.[4]

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