Kielsen I Cabinet

The First Cabinet of Kim Kielsen was a former administration of Greenland. It was appointed on 10 December 2014 with Kim Kielsen from Forward (Siumut) as Prime Minister,[1] leading a coalition between Forward (Siumut), Democrats (Demokraatit) and Solidarity (Atassut). It was a majority government, composed of both right-wing and left-wing members. It was replaced by the Kielsen II Cabinet on 2 February 2016.

List of ministersEdit

The Social Democratic Siumut has 5 ministers including the Prime Minister. The Social liberal Democrats has 2 ministers. The Liberalistic Solidarity has 2 ministers.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister10 December 2014Incumbent Siumut
Deputy Prime Minister10 December 2014Incumbent Democrats
Ministry of Domestic Affairs
Minister for Domestic Affairs10 December 2014Incumbent Siumut
Ministry of Finance and Mineral Resources
Minister for Finance and Mineral Resources10 December 2014Incumbent Democrats
Ministry of Housing, Construction and Infrastructure
Minister for Housing, Construction and Infrastructure10 December 2014Incumbent Atassut
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Business Affairs and Employment
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Business, Employment and Nordic Co-operation10 December 2014Incumbent Siumut
Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice
Minister for the Nature, the Environment and Justice10 December 2014Incumbent Atassut
Ministry of Culture, Education and Science
Minister for Culture, Education, Research and Church10 December 2014Incumbent Democrats
Ministry of Social Affairs, Family Affairs and Gender Equality
Minister for Integration and Social Affairs, Family Affairs, Gender Equality and Minister for Health and Prevention10 December 2014Incumbent Siumut
Ministry Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture
Minister for Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture10 December 2014Incumbent Siumut
Ministry of Health and Nordic Co-operation
Minister for Health and Prevention and Nordic Co-operation10 December 2014Leave from the Assembly reinstating the Folketing. Ministry of Health and Nordic Co-operation assigned Martha Lund Olsen and Vittus Qujaukitsoq.[2] Siumut

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Party breakdown of cabinet ministers:


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