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KidzSearch is a search engine and web portal powered by Google Custom Search with academic autocomplete that emphasizes safety for children. It uses Google's Safe Search technology with additional search term filtering for added safety. Search results are customized by pushing age-appropriate content higher up in the results. Large thumbnails are provided to make results more visual and easier to understand. It has many features, and boasts an online encyclopedia with 200,000 articles[1] powered by Wikimedia. KidzSearch is used in over 1,000 schools a day, and is visited by some 14 million people a month.[2][3] KidzSearch was rated by Common Sense Media 3 stars as a top learning site.[3][4] Their main focus is on older elementary and middle schools students. They partnered with Safe Search Kids, and Kidzsearch hosts their search results and wiki pages. Safe Search Kids is also a web portal.

Type of site
Safe Search engine and Web portal for Kids
RegistrationSeparate accounts required for some services.
LaunchedApril 10, 2005


The site was launched on April 8, 2005.[2] In 2015, kidzsearch went under an extensive redesign with a mobile responsive layout. Kidznet was launched in 2017 using OSSN software. Kidztalk, powered by question 2 answer, became mobile responsive in 2015.


  • KidzNet is an online moderated social network designed for kids, where they can post anything except personal Information. All posts are reviewed before they are published. The first registered user was KupKakeDoll. The service retains a small fan base.
  • KidzTalk is an online question and answer portal for kids. A user types a question or comment, and another answers it. All answers are reviewed by KidzSearch staff for safety and quality. It is generally used for homework. It currently has over 7500 users.[5]
  • KidzTube contains handpicked videos. Most are educational. If a user searches for 'pooping', the service will likely present an educational video about the digestive system, or a Minecraft video.[6][7]
  • Games - Mobile and desktop games are offered that include both educational and entertainment titles. Games are reviewed for safety and quality. Popular games include Slither IO and Mine Clone. KidzSearch has over 50,000 free games.[8]


KidzSearch selects news articles appropriate for kids that can be 'up voted' by the user. Their music service has kid-friendly music stations. KidzSearch offers a website directory of kid-friendly websites. Boolify helps the user learn how to use a search engine using a graphical interface.

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