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Kid Abelha was a rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, formed by Paula Toller (lead vocals), George Israel (sax, guitar and vocals) and Bruno Fortunato (acoustic and electric guitar). The group has recorded 13 studio albums, 3 live albums and 2 live DVDs. They have created many songs which have entered into Brazilian pop-rock history. The group sold more than 8 million albums worldwide.

Kid Abelha
Kid Abelha band 2012.JPG
Kid Abelha performing live in São Paulo, in 2012. Left to right: Bruno Fortunato, Paula Toller and George Israel.
Background information
OriginRio de Janeiro, Brazil
GenresNew wave, pop rock
Years active1981–2015
LabelsWarner (1982-2000)
Universal (2000-2015)
MembersPaula Toller
George Israel
Bruno Fortunato
Past membersCarlos Leoni (1981-1986)
Carlos Beni (1981-1984)
Beto Martins (1981-1984)
Richard Owens (1981-1984)



A precursor group was formed by drummer Carlos Beni, Pedro Farah and Leoni, called "Chrisma". In 1981, Paula Toller meets Leoni in college, PUC-Rio, they start dating and then she used to visit the band rehearsals. The boys always asked her to join the band, but she denied a lot of times, saying she was too shy, but her constant visits to the rehearsals motivated her to sing. George Israel, otherwise, was seen playing saxophone in Búzios and invited by a friend of Leoni to meet the band. In 1982, with guitarist Beto Martins and American keyboardist Richard Owens they recorded a demo tape "Distração" ("Distraction") and "Vida de cão é chato pra cachorro" ("Living like a dog is boring like hell"). Drummer Beni took the tape to radio station Fluminense FM; when asked the band's name, he took a piece of paper from his pocket that had the list of names considered by the group without reaching a consensus and read out the first one: Kid Abelha & os Abóboras Selvagens ("Kid Bee and the Wild Pumpkins"). Achieving success in the Rio underground scene, the two songs were released on the compilation album Rock Voador, with other new Brazilian rock bands. The band then recorded the single "Pintura Íntima"/"Por que não eu?", with more than 100,000 copies sold.[1]

In 1984 the band released their first album, "Seu Espião" ("Your Spy"), which included, among others, the classic "Pintura Íntima" ("Private Painting"), "Fixação" ("Fixation") and "Como Eu Quero" ("The Way I Want"). With this LP, they received the first gold record of the new generation of Brazilian artists.

In 1985, the band performed at the first Rock in Rio, an experience described by the band as their "entrance exam" into the business.

In 1986 Leoni had an altercation with Léo Jaime that also involved Paula Toller, Leoni's wife Fabiana Kherlakian and Herbert Vianna. After being hit by Paula with a pandeiro, Leoni left the band.[1]


Studio albumsEdit

  • Seu Espião (Your Spy) (1984) 100,000 GOLD
  • Educação Sentimental (Sentimental Education) (1985) 250,000 PLATINUM
  • Tomate (Tomato) (1987) 150,000 GOLD
  • Kid (1989) 100,000 GOLD
  • Tudo é Permitido (1991) (Anything Goes) 300,000 PLATINUM
  • Iê Iê Iê (1993) (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) 200,000 GOLD
  • Meu Mundo Gira Em Torno de Você (1996) (My World Turns Around You) 400,000 PLATINUM
  • Autolove (1998) 150,000 GOLD
  • Espanhol (1999) (Spanish)
  • Coleção (2000) (Collection) 100,000 GOLD
  • Surf (2001) 100,000 GOLD
  • Pega Vida (2005) (Catch Life) 100,000 GOLD

Live albumsEdit

  • Kid Abelha Ao Vivo (1986) 250,000 PLATINUM
  • Meio Desligado (1995) 500,000 2X PLATINUM
  • Kid Abelha Acústico MTV (2002) 1,000,000 DIAMOND


  • Greatest Hits 80's (1990) - 500,000 (2x platina)
  • Remix (1997)
  • E-Collection (2001)
  • Warner 30 Anos (2006)

EPs / SinglesEdit

  • "Pintura Íntima"/"Por Que Não Eu?" (1983)
  • "Como Eu Quero"/"Homem Com Uma Missão" (1984)
  • Kid Abelha Single (1997)


Year Single Charts Album
1982 "Distração" ("Distraction") Rock Voador
1983 "Pintura Íntima" ("Intimate Painting") Seu Espião
1984 "Como Eu Quero" ("The Way I Want")
"Nada Tanto Assim" ("Nothing So Much Like")
"Fixação" ("Fixation")
"Por Que Não Eu?" ("Why Not Me?")
1985 "Alice (Não Me Escreva Aquela Carta de Amor)" ("Alice (Don't Write Me That Love Letter)")
"Educação Sentimental I" ("Sentimental Education I") Educação Sentimental
"Lágrimas e Chuva" ("Tears and Rain")
"A Fórmula do Amor" ("The Formula of Love")
1986 "Garotos" ("Boys")
"Educação Sentimental II" ("Sentimental Education II")
"Os Outros" ("The Others")
"Nada Por Mim" ("Nothing for Me") Kid Abelha Ao Vivo
1987 "Tomate" ("Tomato") Tomate
"Amanhã é 23" ("Tomorrow is the 23rd")
"Me Deixa Falar" ("Let Me Speak")
1988 "No Meio da Rua" ("In the Middle of the Street")
1989 "Dizer Não é Dizer Sim" ("Saying No is Saying Yes") Kid
"Agora Sei" ("Now I Know")
"Todo Meu Ouro" ("All My Gold")
1990 "De Quem é o Poder" ("Whose is the Power")
1991 "Grand Hotel" Tudo é Permitido
"No Seu Lugar" ("In Your Place")
1992 "Não Vou Ficar" ("I Won't Be", Roberto Carlos cover)
1993 "Em 92" ("In '92") Iê Iê Iê
"Deus (Apareça na Televisão)" ("God (Be on TV)")
"Eu Tive um Sonho" ("I Had a Dream")
1995 "Solidão Que Nada" ("None of Loneliness") Meio Desligado
1996 "Te Amo Pra Sempre" ("I Love You Forever") Meu Mundo Gira em Torno de Você
"Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda" ("On the Streets, in the Rain, in a Farm", Hyldon cover)
"Como é Que Eu Vou Embora?" ("How Am I Supposed to Leave?")
1997 "¿Por Qué Me Quedo Tan Sola?" ("Why Am I So Lonely?") 1 142 19 Espanhol
"Te Amo Por Siempre" 6 89 28
"Como Yo Quiero" 1 73 1
"Pintura Íntima" (Remix version) 23 1 Remix
1998 "Eu Só Penso em Você" ("All I Think About is You") 18 Autolove
"Maio" ("May") 1
1999 "Ouvir Estrelas" ("Hearing Stars") 27
2000 "Deve Ser Amor" ("It Must Be Love") 8 Coleção
"Pare o Casamento" ("Stop This Wedding", Wanderléa cover) 1
"Pingos de Amor" ("Love Raindrops", Paulo Diniz cover) 10
2001 "Eu Não Esqueço Nada" ("I Forget Nothing") 33 Surf
"Eu Contra a Noite" ("Me Against the Night") 1
2002 "O Rei Do Salão" ("The King of the Ballroom") 47
"Nada Sei" ("I Know Nothing") 1 Acústico MTV
2003 "Quero te Encontrar" ("I Wanna Meet You", Claudinho & Buchecha cover) 1
"Lágrimas e Chuva" (Versão Acústico MTV) 13
"Como Eu Quero" (Versão Acústico MTV) 3
2005 "Poligamia" ("Polygamy") 1 Pega Vida
"Peito Aberto" ("Open Chest") 1
"Eu Tô Tentando" ("I'm Trying") 1
2006 "Por Que Eu Não Desisto de Você" ("Why Don't I Give Up on You") 19
Number 1 2 1 9


Music videosEdit

  • Como Eu Quero (1984)
  • Seu Espião (1984)
  • Nada Tanto Assim (1984)
  • Lágrimas e Chuva (1985)
  • Os Outros (1985)
  • Nada Por Mim (1986)
  • Tomate (1987)
  • Me Deixa Falar (1987)
  • Agora Sei (1989)
  • Grand Hotel (1991)
  • No Seu Lugar (1991)
  • Eu Tive Um Sonho (1993)
  • Em Noventa e Dois (1993)
  • Te Amo Pra Sempre (1996)
  • Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda (1996)
  • ¿Porque Me Quedo Tán Sola? (1997)
  • Eu Só Penso em Você (1998)
  • Maio... (1998)
  • Deve Ser Amor (2000)
  • Eu Contra A Noite (2001)
  • O Rei do Salão (2001)
  • Eu Não Esqueço Nada (2001)
  • Nada Sei (2002)
  • Quero te Encontrar (2002)
  • Poligamia (2005)
  • Peito Aberto (2005)
  • Pq Eu Não Desisto de Vc (2005)
  • Eu Tou Tentando (2005)


  • Acústico MTV (2002)
  • Pega Vida (2005)


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