Kiamari (Urdu: کیماڑی ‎), also spelled Keamari or Kemari, is a neighbourhood in Karachi, Pakistan.[1] Kiamari was originally an independent settlement that was built on a sandy ridge on the eastern side of Karachi Harbour.[2]


Sydenham Passenger Pavilion at the Keamari Boat Basin was inaugurated in 1914
Sydenham Passenger Pavilion at the Keamari Boat Basin was inaugurated in 1914
Seaway of Karachi
Kiamari is located in Sindh
Kiamari is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 24°49′N 66°59′E / 24.817°N 66.983°E / 24.817; 66.983Coordinates: 24°49′N 66°59′E / 24.817°N 66.983°E / 24.817; 66.983
 • ConstituencyNA-248 (Karachi West-I)
 • National Assembly MemberAbdul Qadir Patel (PPP)


Kiamari was a low lying island located between Manora and the city of Karachi well into the colonial era.[3] During this time, Kiamari was the landing point for all goods and people entering Karachi. Kiamari's anchorage during the early colonial era was too shallow for large ships, and so those were instead forced to dock at Manora.[4]

The 3 mile long Napier Mole Road was built in 1854 as a raised embankment which connected Karachi with Kiamari.[5] A year earlier in 1853, the Napier obelisk was built to commemorate the late Governor of Sindh, Charles Napier. The British further built a spur of the Sindh Railway to Kiamari, but which did not follow Napier Mole, but instead along the east part of Chinna creek.[3] During the colonial era, Kiamari had a naval yard, a government commissariat, post office, customs and railway houses.[3] In 1865, the 1200 foot long iron Napier Mole Bridge was built as part of an upgrade.[3] In 1914, the Sydenham Passenger Pavilion at Kiamari's Boat Basin was inaugurated by Lord Willingdon.[6] In 1917, the imposing Mules Mansion was completed, and was designed by Iraqi-Jewish architect Moses Somake.[7]


Most of the neighborhoods of the defunct Kiamari Town are densely populated with two exceptions. Baba Bhit is composed of three small islands in Karachi harbour that are home to about 5% of the town's population. Further west, Gabo Pat is mostly rural with about 10% of the town population but half of the total town area. There are small villages in the rural area of Kiamari.


Kiamari has many semi-professional football teams, including:

  • Keamari Mohammadan FC
  • Keamari Union FC
  • Society Brothers FC (formed 2010, dissolved 2014)
  • Mohammad Eleven FC
  • Ayaaz Eleven FC
  • Usman Shaheed FC (Shirin Jinnah Colony)
  • Northern Loon FC (formed 2014, present)


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