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The Khuddakapatha (-pāṭha; Pali for "short passages"; abbreviated as "Khp") is a Buddhist scripture, the first collection of discourses (suttas) in the Khuddaka Nikaya of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism. It includes texts essential to Buddhist disciples.



The collection is composed of the following nine discourses:

  1. "Going for Refuge" (Saranattayam)
  2. "Ten Precepts" (Dasasikkhapadam)
  3. "Thirty-two Parts [of the Body]" (Dvattimsakaro)[1]
  4. "Novice's Questions" (Kumarapanha)
  5. "Discourse on Blessings" (Mangala Sutta)
  6. "Discourse on Treasures" (Ratana Sutta)
  7. "[Hungry Shades] Outside the Wall Chapter" (Tirokutta Sutta)
  8. "Reserve Fund Chapter" (Nidhikanda Sutta)
  9. "Discourse on Lovingkindess" (Metta Sutta)

The Khuddakapatha is considered a late addition to the Pali Canon, collecting discourses all but one of which is found elsewhere in the Pali Canon. (The Nidhi Kanda is not extant in the current Pali Canon but does include text [Khp 8.9] quoted in the Abhidhamma Pitaka's Kathavatthu [Kv 351,18-21].)[2]


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