Khozyain (хозяин) sometimes khozain is a Russian word meaning "owner", describing a certain type of political leader.

The term's applicability to the politicians originates from the Russian word khozyain (of a household), usually the oldest male entrusted with the welfare of the family. For someone to merit the title of a real khozyain he must take care of those in his domain.

It is a rich term which traditionally refers to a leader of a given social domain, a home, a village, an enterprise, or a country, although it can be also used to define a leader of a criminal gang.

It is sometimes difficult to classify the khozian-politician in a classical political sense since their overriding concerns are not a leftist or rightist political agenda, but the welfare of the group where ideology is less important than pragmatism, strength of character and problem solving skills.

A person who displays talents in this direction is called a khozyaistvennik.

A khozyain politician can easily be seen as authoritarian in a Western political context. A more accurate description would be to classify him as a father figure.

Examples of Khozyain politiciansEdit


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