Kholm Governorate (Ukraine)

You may also be looking for Kholm Governorate of the Russian Empire from 1914-1915.

Kholm Governorate (Ukrainian: Холмська губернія) was a territorial division of Ukraine that was recreated under the Skoropadsky administration in the western parts of Volyn Governorate. The governorate was created after the resignation of the Hetman of Ukraine, while the armed forces of Central Powers started a mass withdrawal from occupied territories.

Kholm Governorate
Холмська губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian State
CapitalBerestia (1918)
10,460 km2 (4,040 sq mi)
• Creation of Kholm Governorate
15 November 1918
17 July 1919
• Creation of Luiblin Voivodeship
14 August 1919
Preceded by
Succeeded by
COA of Volin gubernia.png Volhynian Governorate
Lublin Voivodeship (1919–1939) POL województwo lubelskie II RP COA.svg

Unlike the original Kholm Governorate that was created before World War I, the new territory was mostly created out of the southern parts of Grodno Governorate and eastern parts of former Sedlets Governorate.

Ukrainian authorities were not able to establish its presence in the southern parts of governorate and since early December 1918 the whole governorate was occupied by the Polish Army.

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