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Khokhra Par, Karachi

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Khokhrapar (Urdu: کھوکھراپار‎) is located inside Malir Town Karachi, Sindh, origin of the name "Khokhra par" goes back to the days when Mohajirs (immigrants) from partition time came to this place, most of them crossed the border of India to newly founded country of Pakistan from Khokhra Par, Sindh and found this area significantly resembling with original Khokhra Par because its dry and desert like surroundings were quite similar in nature to what they earlier came across during their exodus, therefore they ended up naming it the same, latter it was attempted to officially renamed as "Azam Colony" in honor of then Governor of West Pakistan Lieutenant General Muhammad Azam Khan (1908–1994) by the Government but the earlier name "Khokhra Par" remained more prominent and popular.

Pakistani Test cricketer Khurram Manzoor and Pashto/Urdu pop singer Raheem Shah hail from Khokhra Par.

Popular localities in Khokhra Par are:

Demographics and Ethnic OutsetEdit

Khokhrapar has mixed population of Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Punjabis and Katchi with majority being Mohajirs, in a politically spilitted outset of Karachi which is based on ethnicity, Khokhr Par has somewhat a reputation of a place where most ethnic groups coexist in rather peaceful way,


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