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Khazar University

Khazar University Azerbaijani: Xəzər Universiteti, which directly translates as Caspian University, is a private university located in Baku, Azerbaijan.[1]

Khazar University
Xəzər Universitəsi
Motto“Always leading the way”
ChairmanProfessor Hamlet Isakhanli
PresidentDr. Hassan Niknafs
Academic staff
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Khazar University owns three campuses in the city of Baku.

  • Neftchilar Campus
  • Downtown Campus
  • Binagadi Campus – New education complex for “Dunya” School, also Khazar University School of Education`s Internship Center, Sports Center, Dormitory and Technopark

Background informationEdit

Founder of Khazar University, Hamlet Isakhanli

Founded in 1991 by Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli ([1]), the University became one of the first private universities in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and the first in Azerbaijan to introduce Western-style, research-oriented higher education. Isakhanli formed Khazar in the interest of reforming the previous system of higher education under Soviet rule.[2][3][4] For more information on education system in Azerbaijan, read:

1. Hamlet Isakhanli. In Search of Khazar. Khazar University Press, Baku, 2006.[5]

2. Hamlet Isakhanli. Education System in Transition Economy: A View from Azerbaijan. Khazar University Press, Baku, 2007.[6]

Academic informationEdit

In Azerbaijan, Khazar University is providing Western-style education on all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral.[7] It also runs a lab.

There are four schools (colleges) operating within Khazar University:
1 School of Engineering and Applied Science
2 School of Economics and Management
3 School of Humanities and Social Science
4 School of Education

Notable alumniEdit


The university is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[8]


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