Kharagpur railway division

Kharagpur railway division is one of the four railway divisions under South Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 14 April 1952 and its headquarters are located at Kharagpur in the state of West Bengal of India.

Adra railway division, Chakradharpur railway division and Ranchi railway division are the other three railway divisions under SER Zone headquartered at Howrah, Calcutta.[1][2]

List of railway stations and townsEdit

The list includes the stations under the Kharagpur railway division and their station category.[3][4]

Category of station No. of stations Names of stations
A-1 1 Kharagpur Junction
A 4 Balasore, Digha, Shalimar, Santragachi
B 8 -

panskura Junction, Uluberia , Mecheda, Haldia ,Midnapore , Amta, Bagnan, Jhargram

suburban station
- -
D 4 -

Rupsa Junction, Jaleswar , kanthi , Hijli

E - -
halt station
- -
Total - -

Stations closed for Passengers -


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