Kham Tam Sa

Kham Tam Sa was a king of Lan Xang who ruled for five months, before he was assassinated by Nang Keo Phimpha. His father was Samsenthai and his mother was Queen Keo Sida of Sip Song Panna. Kham Tam Sa succeeded his brother Khon Kham. Before he was king he was appointed Governor of Pak Houei Luang, where he later fled before his assassination.[citation needed]

Kham Tam Sa
King of Lan Xang
PredecessorKhon Kham
BornMuang Sua, Lan Xang
Pak Houei Luang, Lan Xang
IssuePrince Mui Ton Kham
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Kama Dharmasara
DynastyKhun Lo
MotherQueen Keo Sida (Sip Song Panna)
ReligionTherevada Buddhism


  • Father: Samsenethai - King of Lan Xang (r.1372-1417)
  • Mother: Princess Nang Keava Sridha (Chao Nang Keo Sida) - daughter of Chao Sidhakama (Sida Kham), "Hsenwifa" of Muang Lü (Chieng Hung)
  • Consorts and their Respective Issue:
  1. by unknown women
    1. Prince Mui Dharmakama (Mui Ton-Kham) - rebelled against King Jayadiya and attempted to set himself up as an independent ruler at Vientiane. Defeated and executed at Done-Chan.
Preceded by
King of Lan Xang
Succeeded by