Khalid Mahmood (cleric)

Allama Khalid Mahmud (17 October 1925 – 14 May 2020) was a Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar[3] who served as Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He established the Islamic Academy in Manchester, England and was best known for his works related to Finality of the Prophethood.[4]


Khalid Mahmood
Allama Dr Justice (Rtd) Khalid Mahmood (Khalid Mehmud) ڈاکٹر، جسٹس (ر) علّامہ خالد محمود.jpg
Other namesAllama Khalid Mehmood (PhD London) [1]
Born(1925-10-17)17 October 1925
Died14 May 2020(2020-05-14) (aged 94)
DenominationAhlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah
Notable work(s)Aasaar-ut-Tanzeel
Other namesAllama Khalid Mehmood (PhD London) [1]


Mahmood studied Islamic Sciences from Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi, Shamsul Haq Afghani, Shabbir Ahmad Usmani and Maulana Badre Alam Meerthi. He received his PhD degree in 1970 from University of Birmingham.[5]


He served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (Shariat Appellate Bench).[6] He was also director of the Islamic Academy of Manchester UK.[7] He was also known for his knowledge on fiqh issues and comparative religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and many others. He was an expert in many fields of Islamic knowledge, including Jurisprudence (fiqh), hadith, logic, debate, and many more. He also held a number of positions on the Shariah Boards of prestigious Islamic institutions, and was one of the most influential Islamic scholars outside Pakistan.[citation needed]

Khalid Mahmood was the Shaykh-ul-Hadith of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore and the head of the Islamic Center Manchester.[8]

Literary worksEdit

Mahmood authored over 50 books, including:

  • Khulafa-e-Rasheedin (2 volumes)
  • Mutalia-e-Barailviat (8 Volumes)[9]
  • Aathar ut Tanzel (2 volumes)
  • Aathar ul Hadith (2 volumes)
  • Aathar ul Tashree (2 volumes)
  • Aathar ul Ihsan (2 volumes)


Mahmood died on 14 May 2020 in Manchester, United Kingdom. He died of a respiratory illness he contracted whilst he was recovering in hospital from a hip bone operation.[8]


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