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Khabul Khan, also known as Qabul Khan and Khabul Khagan, was the first known Khan of the Khamag Mongol confederation and great-grandfather to Genghis Khan.[1]

Khabul Khan
Khan of the Khamag Mongol
Khabul Khan.JPG
Statue of Khabul Khan in Mongol Castle
Coronation1130 in Khuruldai
SuccessorAmbaghai Khan
Bartan Baghatur
Khutugtu Monkhor
Hotula Khan
Khadaan Baghatur
FatherTumbinai Setsen

Khabul Khan was a son of Tumbinai Setsen and great-grandson of the Khaidu.

When the Jin army entered Mongolia with the intention of finishing Yelü Dashi, Khabul Khan successfully repelled the invasions of Jin dynasty. In 1135, Khabul invited by Taizong of Jin and he pulled the beard of the Taizong at the court of the Jin. Although the Jin army pursued him into southern Mongolia, Khabul escaped and returned with a larger army to pillage the Jin dynasty. Though Khabul Khan had 7 sons, he nominated Ambaghai, a son of Sengun Bilge from Taichuud clan, as his successor.[2]

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Khabul Khan
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Khan of Khamag Mongol
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