Keynote (notetaking software)

KeyNote is the name of a free notetaking and outlining text editor produced by Tranglos Software for the Windows operating system.

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Developer(s)Marek Jedliński,
Tranglos Software
Stable release / September 9, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-09-09)
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Operating systemWindows
LicenseMozilla Public License


Keynote is based on the tree data structure concept, allowing "nodes" in a tree panel (much like the tree panel in Windows file managers) to represent separate fields within a single text file. Individual documents within the tree can be edited in Rich Text Format (RTF) or simple text (unformatted). As RTF format (supported in KeyNote by using a RichEdit control) is complicated and may cause problems in user applications,[1] the option of using the plain-text format may be an advantage, especially if the user wants to have a small-size notes file, also easily viewable in any text viewer.

Import and export of KeyNote files to and from TreePad files is fully supported. Each field is then treated as a separate virtual document within the tree.

KeyNote is open-source software developed in Delphi 3. As of October 2005, development of the original program has ceased.[2]

Keynote NFEdit

Development was picked up in 2006 by Daniel Prado; the new development project is called "KeyNote NF" (or "KeyNote - New Features"), to distinguish it from other Google search results. Initially released on SourceForge, and presently on Github, it includes features such as alarm reminders on nodes. Current versions as of May 2017 are stable and Beta, however since that time the project does not seem to be under active development.

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