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Kevin R. Thiele was curator of the Western Australian Herbarium until 2015. His research interests include the systematics of the plant families Proteaceae, Rhamnaceae and Violaceae, and the conservation ecology of grassy woodland ecosystems. He is also interested in biodiversity informatics, and is involved in the design of software for the Global Biodiversity Infrastructure Facility.[1]

He obtained a PhD from the University of Melbourne in 1993, and has since had a number of publications, notably a treatment of the Rhamnaceae for the Flora of Australia series of monographs,[1] and, with Pauline Ladiges, a taxonomic arrangement of Banksia.[2] In 2007 he collaborated with Austin Mast to transfer Dryandra to Banksia.[3]

He uploaded over 2000 images to Wikipedia Commons of Western Australian plants and their components.[4]


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