Ken Davis, best known as KenBarbie (born May 30, 1989, in Richmond, Virginia)[1] is an American television personality, radio show host and internet celebrity who is known for his celebrity commentary and accompanying website. His site, is known for covering gossip items about celebrities and has garnered much attention for its honesty, outspoken take on the subjects it tackles, and its role in the increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media.[2]

Ken Davis

(1989-05-30) May 30, 1989 (age 32)
Years active2010 – present
Known forInternet, Radio, Television Entertainment

Ken, who has said he identifies as a gender non-conforming androsexual,[3] has become a popular internet personality through his social media platforms and accompanying website Ken's internet presence has contributed to his ability to launch into entrepreneurship with a successful t-shirt and fragrance line, as well as the most notable, his cosmetics line Ken Cosmetics (Formally known as 'For Pretty Bitches' By KenBarbie).[4][5] Following his Internet-based success, he has appeared in mainstream media, making recurring appearances on TMZ on TV, and shows on MTV and FOX among others.[6][7]

Ken is also known as an LGBT activist citing many times that his goal is to bridge the gap between heterosexual and homosexual communities, which is something that can be seen with the television show Dirty Laundry.[1][8]


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