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Kemuri (Japanese for smoke) is a Japanese-American ska punk band formed in Oxnard, California in 1995. They have an upbeat sound with positive lyrics which they refer to as PMA (positive mental attitude). While the majority of their songs are in English, they also have some songs in Japanese. After their reformation in 2012, they released four more albums and continue to tour actively.

Background information
OriginOxnard, California, United States,(original formed 1995), Tokyo Japan (where the band re-formed in 2012).
Genresska punk
Years active1995–2007, 2012-present
MembersFumio Ito
Noriaki Tsuda
Shoji Hiraya
Ken Kobayashi
Yukihiko 'T' Tanaka
Mitsuhiro Kawamura
Hiroyuki Suka
Past membersMasuo Arimatsu
Ryosuke Morimura
Hidenori Minami
Mike Park

Break up and reunionEdit

On December 12, 2007, Kemuri posted a message on their website stating they would no longer play together as a band. They said they had done much more than they expected as a band and that this break up would be the most positive conclusion to their band (keeping in line with their PMA message). Their last show was on December 9, 2007 at the Zepp in Tokyo also their final show in Oxnard, California.[1] In 2012, Kemuri made their reunion tour in Tokyo and in the U.S. The first new album after the reunion, "All for This!," was released on the 6th of June, 2013. In 2012, the band re-formed again and continues to perform in all over Asia, Japan, Europe and in the United States and in other countries worldwide.

Band membersEdit

  • Fumio Ito (伊藤ふみお), Vocals
  • Noriaki Tsuda (津田紀昭), Bass
  • Yukihiko 'T' Tanaka, Guitar
  • Shoji Hiraya (平谷庄至), Drums
  • Ken Kobayashi (コバヤシケン), Saxophone
  • Mitsuhiro Kawamura, Trumpet
  • Hiroyuki Suka, Trombone

Former membersEdit

  • Masuo Arimatsu (有松益男), drums 1995–1996
  • Mike Park, tenor saxophone, Mike left kemuri in 1997 after kemuri's first album little playmates.
  • Ryosuke Morimura (Deceased)
  • Hidenori Minami


  • Little Playmate (1997)
  • 77 Days (1998)
  • Senka-Senrui (2000)
  • Emotivation (2001)
  • Circles (2004)
  • Wating for the Rain (2005)
  • Principle (2005)
  • Our PMA (2007)
  • All for This! (2013)
  • Rampant (2014)
  • F (2015)
  • FREEDOMOSH (2017)
  • Ko-Ou-Doku-Mai (2018)


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