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Kelvinside Academy is an independent school in Glasgow, Scotland, founded in 1878. It has a capacity of over 600 pupils and spans two years of Nursery, six years of Junior School (primary school), a transition year of Senior Preparatory, and six years of Senior School (secondary school), comprising fifteen years in all. Kelvinside was founded as a private Public School and remained so until the late 1940s when, like many similar schools, it became 'grant-aided' until 1985 when it reverted to its fully independent roots once more. Formerly for boys only, the school became fully co-educational in 1998.

Kelvinside Academy
33 Kirklee Road

G12 0SW

Coordinates55°52′59″N 4°17′41″W / 55.88293°N 4.29464°W / 55.88293; -4.29464Coordinates: 55°52′59″N 4°17′41″W / 55.88293°N 4.29464°W / 55.88293; -4.29464
TypeIndependent School
MottoEver To Be The Best
Religious affiliation(s)Non-denominational Christian
Academic DeputyLouise Thrippleton
RectorIan H Munro
Deputy RectorDan Wyatt
Age3 to 18
Colour(s)Navy Blue and Silver

The SchoolEdit

Kelvinside Academy is in the Kelvinside area of the north of Glasgow, near the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It has a large main building, which is category A listed and was designed by James Sellars, with some modern additions. The original building was opened on 2 September 1878 and cost £21,698 11s; this included the construction of both roads and sewers.

The School crest shows Minerva with the motto ΑΙΕΝ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΥΕΙΝ which translates as "Ever To Be The Best". This has also been given a "modern" translation of "The Best You Can Be". Minerva appears prominently in carved stone above the main entrance, and in a bronze medallion set in the perimeter wall. Unlike many of the surrounding buildings, the School retains much of its original cast iron fences despite the metal shortages during the Second World War.

There is a well-established house system, which divides all the pupils into four different houses, each represented by a colour: red for Stewart House, yellow for Buchanan House, green for MacGregor House and blue for Colquhoun.

The School opened a new Nursery at its Balgray Campus in August 2013.

Notable alumni and staffEdit

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