Keling (subdistrict)

Keling is a kecamatan (subdistrict) in Jepara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.


The name of this subdistrict is traditionally linked with the 6th century Indianized kingdom of Kalingga, which ultimately derived from ancient Indian kingdom of Kaling.

Kelurahan (administrative village)Edit

  1. Bumiharjo
  2. Damarwulan
  3. Tempur
  4. Gelang
  5. Jlegong
  6. Kaligarang
  7. Kelet
  8. Keling
  9. Klepu
  10. Kunir
  11. Tunahan
  12. Watuaji



Keling subdistrict is known as a coffee bean plantation and production center in Central Java.[1] In Damarwulan village, there are silk farm home industry, while in Keling village, there is kapok silk cotton production area. There are three marketplaces in Keling subdistrict, the Pasar Keling, Pasar Kelet, and Keling animal market.

List of important placesEdit

  • Kelet Hospital
  • Puskesmas Keling 1, in Kelet
  • Puskesmas Keling 2, in Keling


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