Keko (rapper)

Keko was born Rayon Payne,[1] in Guyana and he's known by many names NSX, The Gorilla, Junior Payne just to name a few. He's a radio host who made his mark in radio when he founded the pirate radio station 95Live 95.9[2] in Orlando Florida. Keko hosted a talk show called Afternoon Crash, the station had a strong grassroots following until the FCC [3] stepped in and indicted him for operating a radio station without a license. He was subsequently sentenced to prison 9 months[4] for a federal misdemeanor. Shortly after completely his prison sentence he founded Myspace Radio [5] ., it was his hope to get back into radio but that was short lived when Myspace, Inc filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum over them name and the National Arbitration Forum[5] ruled against him. With his frustration with radio he wanted to try something new so he try his skills at talent management and he began representing NY Giant [6] player Jay Bromley [7] which was a rocky start with scandal Jay Bromley[8] was accuse of rape. But it wasn't long Keko was back into the space which he is more comfortable and that is radio. In 2018 he started doing the Folksalert Podcast [9] which is available on all podcast platform.

Payne in his pirate station 95live
Payne in his pirate station 95live
Background information
Birth nameRayon Payne
Born (1974-11-07) 7 November 1974 (age 46)
Georgetown, Guyana
GenresHip hop
Occupation(s)Radio Host/Musician
Years active1998–present

Radio careerEdit

  1. 95Live: 1998 – 2002
  2. Myspace Radio: 2004 – 2007
  3. Gotfolks: 2005–Present
  4. Folksalert: 2007–Present

In 2019 Keko release Gorilla Pimping album a combination of the best of his podcast and music from well known recording artist such as Compton Menace, 2eleven, Freddie Gibbs, Mouth Piece just to know a few. The song Folksalert [10] which was inspired because of the Folksalert brand is a well known song with pimps.[11][12][13][14]




  • Folksalert

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