Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn-Harris is a writer, sociologist, lecturer, salonist, and music critic. He is an honorary research fellow and associate lecturer at Birkbeck College[1] and an associate fellow of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research[2] and a lecturer at Leo Baeck College. He is a regular reviewer for a number of scholarly journals, including Sociology, Sociological Research Online, Journal of Contemporary Religion, European Journal of Cultural Studies, and Popular Music History.

The topics Kahn-Harris has published academic and non-academic articles on include Judaism, music scenes, heavy metal music, transgression, Israel, communities, dialogue, religion, ethnicity, political discourse, and denial.

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Refereed articles in scholarly journalsEdit

  • "Religious Popular Music: Between the Instrumental, Transcendent and Transgressive" in Temenos: Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 48/1, 87-106 2012
  • (With Ben Gidley) "Contemporary Anglo-Jewish and Community Leadership: Coping with Multiculturalism", British Journal of Sociology 63/1 2012
  • "Creating Jewish Rap: From Parody to Syncretism" in transversal – Zeitschrift für Jüdische Studien 1 2009 21-38
  • "The 'Failure' of Youth Culture: Music, Politics and Reflexivity in the Black Metal Scene" in European Journal of Cultural Studies, 7/1 2004, pp 95–111
  • "'Roots'?: The Relationship Between the Global and the Local Within the Global Extreme Metal Scene" in Popular Music 19/1, 2000, pp 13–30

Journal special issuesEdit

  • (Co-edited with Titus Hjelm and Mark LeVine) "Heavy Metal: Controversies and Countercultures" Popular Music History 6: 1/2, April/August 2012
  • (Co-edited with Karl Spracklen and Andy R. Brown) "Metal Studies: Cultural Research in the Heavy Metal Scene" Journal for Cultural Research 15: 3, July 2011

Other articles in scholarly journalsEdit

  • "The Politics of Brisket: Jews and The Wire", Darkmatter, no. 4 29 29 May 2009
  • "'I Hate This Fucking Country': Dealing with the Global and the Local in the Israeli Extreme Metal Scene" Critical Studies 19: Music, Popular Culture, Identities, 2002 pp 133–151
  • Tragic Encounters and Ordinary Ethics: Palestine-Istael in British Universities (Review), Fathom, Winter 2016

Chapters in scholarly booksEdit

  • "'You Are From Israel and that is Enough to Hate you Forever: Racism, Globalization and Play Within the Global Extreme Metal Scene" in Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Music around the World, eds Jeremy Wallach, Harris M. Berger, Paul D. Greene (Duke University Press 2012)[1]
  • (With Ben Gidley) "From Security to Insecurity: British Jewish Communal Leadership in the Context of Multiculturalism" in Dynamic Belonging: Contemporary Jewish Collective Identities, ed Harvey E. Goldberg, Steven M. Cohen, and Ezra Kopelowitz (Berghahn Books 2011)

Academic positionsEdit

  • 2008-9: Research Associate at the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, University of London, working on project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council "Contemporary Anglo-Jewry and Leadership: Coping with Multiculturalism" (with Ben Gidley).[8]
  • 2007-8: Research Associate at the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths College, working on two projects funded by the Rothschild Foundation Europe: "A Mapping Study of Efforts to Combat Antisemitism, Racism and Xenophobia at the Local, Communal and Grassroots Levels in Europe" (with Roger Hewitt) and "From Security to Insecurity?: Jewish Communal Leadership in Changing Times" (with Ben Gidley).[8]
  • 2005: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden, Campus Norrköping of Linköping University.[9]
  • 2001-2: "Jerusalem Fellow" at the Mandel School for Advanced Educational Leadership in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Fellows programme is a prestigious, international, cross-communal career development programme for Jewish educators from Diaspora communities.[tone][citation needed]

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Rabbi Deborah Kahn-Harris, with whom he has two children.[10]

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