Ke Apon Ke Por

Ke Apon Ke Por is an Indian Bengali television soap opera which airs on Bengali Entertainment Channel Star Jalsha and is available on the digital platform Hotstar.[1] It premiered on 25 July 2016, and is telecast daily. The show is produced by Boyhood Productions of Surinder Singh, Gurjit Singh and Sushanta Das. The show was ended on 12th December 2020( as from sourse).The show has been well-received.[2]

Ke Apon Ke Por
Ke Apon Ke Por (2016 TV Series).jpg
Developed byAyan Bera
Written byConcept
Kishor Dalal
Ayan Bera
Ananya Mukherjee
Prativa Bera
Directed byPijush Ghosh
Creative director(s)Nafisa
Presented byBright Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
StarringPallavi Sharma
Biswajit Ghosh
Monalisa Paul
Theme music composerDebjit Roy
Opening theme"Ke Apon Ke Por"
Composer(s)Priyo Chattopadhyay
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Bengali
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1476
Executive producer(s)Reshmi, Shaoni (Star Jalsha)
Producer(s)Surinder Singh
Gurjit Singh
Sushanta Das (Boyhood Productions)
Production location(s)Kolkata
Running time22 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s)Boyhood Productions
DistributorStar India
Novi Digital Entertainment
Original networkStar Jalsha
Picture format576i
1080i HDTV
Audio formatDigital TV
Original release25 July 2016 (2016-07-25) –
2020/12/12 (2020/12/12)
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Ke Apon Ke Por is a family drama series starring Pallavi Sharma and Biswajit Ghosh in lead roles. Bulbuli Panja plays the main antagonist (Tandra), while Ananya Biswas, Arindya Banerjee, Reshmi Sen, Kalyani Mondal, Indranil Chattejee and Simran Upadhyay appear in prominent supporting roles. The show is one of the longest-running and popular serials on Bengali television.[3][4][5]


The show upholds the plight of Joba who, under circumstances, gets married into the Sengupta family where she used to serve as the maid; and her struggle to become the suitable bride to Param and the worthy daughter-in-law of the Sengupta family. Param stands by Joba, empowering her to complete her studies as well as earn a law degree from a noted university, fulfilling her dream of becoming self-dependent by pursuing her career as a private-practicing lawyer. Joba, however, has to constantly face and overcome various path blocks and hindrances, mainly from Tandra, the Sengupta family's eldest daughter-in-law, who looks down upon Joba as a mere servant, believing her to have no right to rise in social status, and seeks to destroy her as well as the Sengupta family's happiness.

Tandra's sister-in-laws, Palak and Mayuri, initially support Tandra against Joba and humiliate her, accusing her of being a gold-digger. Palak's brother Sanjay lusts for Joba, but Param raises his voice preventing him from molesting Joba. Meanwhile, Tandra uses Param's childhood friend Deblina as a pawn to separate Param from Joba, but this backfires as the growing distance between the two gives rise to Param's longing for Joba and they mutually realize their feelings for each other. Finally, Param conveys his love to Joba, and both accept each other as their respective spouse, thus, going against all odds, to completely eliminate the thin line of social difference separating the two till then. Joba also gets Param's younger sister, Tia married to her love interest, Topu and gets Sanjay permanently banished from their family. Joba further gets Param's uncle married to Gouri, a poor and uncultured woman, who is soon revealed to be greedy and as wicked as Tandra, and the two join hands, and together with Palak and Tandra's mother, plot against Joba.

Later on, Joba reveals the true intentions of Tandra in front of the family members, leading them to go against her and throw Tandra out of the house. At this, Tandra becomes desperate and vows to neither let Joba nor the Senguptas live in peace and harmony; putting on various acts of repentance, only to get accepted into the family again, her sole intention being to back-stab them. She keeps on plotting various evil tactics against Joba and the Senguptas with her mother and Sanjay. They also involve Joba's cousin, Sanatan (who is a terrorist), in their plan to portray Param as an anti-national in front of the society and in one such bombing, Param supposedly dies, turning Joba mentally unstable. He returns in the disguise of Mr. Srivastav (who comes across the family as Joba's doctor/therapist, taking the help of his brother-in-law, Swapnomoy) to prove his innocence, Sanatan's guilt in the bombings done and to get Joba treated of her ailment. After succeeding in treating Joba's mental state back to normal, Param and Joba, overcome with desire and passion for each other, finally consummate their marriage!

The Senguptas go on a trip to Darjeeling, where Tandra, along with Sanjay, plans an accident of Joba, but accidentally their plan results in Tanna losing his speech, and now Tandra, instead, frames Joba for the same. Meanwhile, Mayuri is having an affair with Ani, but Joba helps her understand her mistake and reconnect with Swapnomoy. Palak gets Joba arrested for Tanna's accident and Joba, out of emotional strain, accepts the same and gets jailed. Tanna can't expose Tandra due to his inability to speak while Tandra, now, in Joba's absence, in order to prove herself to be more worthy than Joba as the Sengupta family's daughter-in-law, even goes on to plan her fake pregnancy, just to compete with Joba, who is also going to give birth to Param's child. Tandra adopts the new-born daughter of a slum-dweller (Minoti) and introduces her as her biological daughter in front of the Senguptas, gets Joba's new-born son separated from her and bribes the doctors to officially declare him dead, subduing Joba and disheartening the Senguptas. Moreover, she supplies Param with memory-losing drugs, putting his identity at a stake, while Joba is taken back to jail. Now, Tandra, along with Gouri (Param's wicked aunt), utilizes Joba's absence to re-establish their dominance in the Sengupta household.

5 Years laterEdit

Joba gets released from jail and returns to the Sengupta household, which is now fully under Tandra and Gouri's control. Also, a self-proclaimed god-woman Sreelekha has been appointed by Tandra to get Param's memory back. But actually, it is her vicious plan to get rid of Param, by having Sreelekha manipulating him to believe himself and Sreelekha to be die-hard lovers from their previous births, separated by a lady "Apala", who, as per their story, has reincarnated into Joba, to separate them again. But Joba exposes Sreelekha as a fraud and gradually manages to get Param's memory back. Also, Tanna gets back his speech, and he makes it clear that Sanjay, not Joba, was responsible for his accident. Palak apologises to Joba for all her taunts and mistrust for Joba. They then together search for their long-lost son. Supari, Joba and Param's estranged son has grown up in the slums pick-pocketing. Joba brings him to the Sengupta house, teaches him morals and the difference between right and wrong, and with Param's monitoring, gets him admitted in a school. They then adopt Supari as their son. Later Joba gets to meet Minoti, Tandra's 5-year-old daughter Anu's biological mother, who reveals to Joba that her son is alive. Tandra introduces an impostor child (Baban) as Joba-Param's son. Minoti is killed by Sanjay as per Tandra's plan, however, Joba soon uncovers the mystery behind Baban (actually named Pintu) being an impostor and he is sent back to the slums. They, however, don't get to know who their real child is.

Meanwhile, Tandra gets Supari trapped in a crime syndicate disguised as a devotional group of saints, fooling the people to make money out of their sentiments. Joba and Param rescue Supari from the gang and their head, "Swami Arpananda", and get them arrested. Joba uncovers Tandra's secret regarding Anu being actually Minoti's child and as all of Tandra's crimes are exposed, she is finally arrested, while Sanjay escapes. Tandra is rescued by her boyfriend Dipanjan, who blackmails Joba-Param to open a "cheat-fund" and hand over to him the money deposited by the people in the same, as well get Tandra bailed, in return for getting to know the real identity of their son. However, soon enough, Joba exposes them to the public as Dipanjan leaves Tandra (flying away from the country) and Tandra, in turn, puts on an act of being paralysed to escape jail punishment, and is accepted back into the Sengupta family, where she while continuing on her act, remains confined in her room, secretly maintaining contacts with Sanjay and her mother. Also, Joba and Param get to know that Supari is indeed their child. Joba also gives birth to a daughter, Koyel. Supari gets paralysed due to interior damage and needs to be treated abroad.

4 Years LaterEdit

After having collected the entire money for the treatment, Joba and Param along with Supari (now renamed Sarthak) fly off to America, with a hesitant Joba leaving Koyel in care of the other Sengupta family member, only for Tandra to use the opportunity to imbibe deep hatred in little Koyel's mind against her parents, especially Joba for prioritizing their son Sarthak than their daughter Koyel.

12 Years laterEdit

After 12 years,[6] Koyel, now an 18-year-old, in Joba's absence, has grown up to be a spoilt brat, being addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. She parties with her friends (including Ronnie) who are associated with unholy activities, and are actually fitted by Sanjay, as per Tandra's plan, to further deteriorate Koyel. However, after Joba, Param and Sarthak return from the U.S., getting Sarthak fully treated, Joba takes upon herself her new quest to enlighten Koyel about the harmful lifestyle she is leading and make her passion for rock music and dance as the path for ensuring her progress and mark her return to the mainstream of life and education. Thus she wins her heart back, much to Tandra's chagrin. The Senguptas are now assisted by a girl Itu in the housework, who is very close to Koyel and Joba (who treats Itu as her own daughter). After Tinni's marriage to a high class society entrepreneur Soheli Chowdhury's son Adi, they all go on a trip to Itu's original village, "Phultuli" where Tandra, with Sanjay's help plans to get Joba's family murdered, but fails again.

Anup Samanta, a local goon, wants to marry Itu and joins hands with Sanjay to make the same happen. However, Joba, with Itu and Sarthak, escapes only to land among tribals who force Itu and Sarthak to get married in Joba's presence.[7] Sarthak doesn't accept Itu as his wife, due to their marriage being accidental and he himself having feelings for Soheli's daughter Rinki, who actually doesn't truly love Sarthak and is just infatuated with her, and like her mother, wants to get Sarthak only to satisfy her ego and put Joba down. Param and Joba put on an act to have considered separation due to Joba supporting Sarthak's marriage with Itu. Joba leaves the house with Itu. Anup kidnaps Itu and tries to kill Joba who, however, survives; and with Param and Sarthak and police's aid, saves Itu and gets Anup arrested, while Sanjay escapes. They all then return home and Tandra tries to create rift between Joba and Param with fake divorce papers, however Joba and Pram's plan succeeds in unraveling Tandra's crimes and she is arrested, however, she vows vengeance and seeks to destroy Joba. Tia returns home after years, following a dispute with Topu. Joba tries to resolve the same and also tells Itu to study hard to become eligible of Sarthak. Later Rinki and Soheli try to create problems among Sarthak and Itu, but he firmly stands by Itu and reprimands the former two. Rinki, however, threatens suicide if Sarthak doesn't acknowledge her and not Itu to be his soulmate.

Many Many Years LaterEdit

Koyel & Itu are now famous Lawer. In Diwali night Joba was murdered by tandra.


Main castEdit

Year Cast Character Description
2016 – present Pallavi Sharma[8] Joba Sengupta

(Maiden Name : Joba Rani Bosu)

Initially Sengupta family's maid turned its youngest daughter-in-law, Param's wife, a private-practicing lawyer by profession. She is the mother of Param's children, Sarthak and Koyel, and is a mother-figure to Itu.
2016 – present Biswajit Ghosh[9] Parambrata Sengupta aka Param

(briefly disguised as "Dr. Srivastav")

Amiyo Bhushan - Lata's fourth child and the youngest son of the Sengupta family, Joba's husband, a professional engineer. He is the father of Joba's children, Sarthak and Koyel, and is a father-figure to Itu.
2016 – present Monalisa Paul/Bulbuli Panja/Monalisa Paul Tandra Sengupta

(Maiden Name : Suchandra Sanyal)

Joy's wife and the eldest daughter-in-law of the Sengupta family. She is Joba's arch-rival, always plotting with her mother and Sanjay to create problems in Joba's life and create ruckus in the Sengupta household. She is Anu's official mother.

Recurring castEdit

Year Cast Character Description
2018 – present Indranil Chatterjee Sarthak Sengupta (previously named "Supari") Joba and Param's son, Koyel's elder brother, an Astrophysics student. He is Itu's estranged (unofficial) husband.
2018 Samriddho In a cameo appearance as 10-year-old Sarthak (paralysed).
2018 – present Simron Upadhyay Koyel Sengupta Joba and Param's daughter, Sarthak's younger sister, a talented performer of rock music and contemporary dance forms. She is close friends with Itu.
2018 Ragnita In a cameo appearance as 4-year-old Koyel.
2018 – present Titli Aich Itu Das / Itu Sengupta The Sengupta family's protege and domestic help, whom Joba and Param look up to as their own daughter. Itu is Sarthak's estranged (unofficial) wife and Koyel's close friend.
2016 – present Chandicharan Omio Bhushan Sengupta Lata's husband, Joy-Debu-Mayuri-Param-Tia's father, Tandra-Palak-Swapnomoy-Joba-Topu's father-in-law, grandfather of Diya, Tinni, Tanna, Sarthak, Anu, Koyel and Itu.
2016 – present Kalyani Mondal Lata Sengupta Amiyo Bhushan's wife, Joy-Debu-Mayuri-Param-Tia's mother, Tandra-Palak-Swapnomoy-Joba-Topu's mother-in-law, grandmother of Diya, Tinni, Tanna, Sarthak, Anu, Koyel and Itu.
2016-2018 Rohit Mukherjee Deb Ranjan Sengupta Amiyo Bhushan's younger brother, Lata's brother-in-law, Joy-Debu-Param-Mayuri-Tia's uncle, Gouri's husband.
2016-2018 Tulika Basu Gouri Sengupta Deb Ranjan's wife, Amiyo Bhushan and Lata's siser-in-law, Joy-Debu-Mayuri-Param-Tia's aunt, greedy and wicked by nature and briefly, Tandra's partner in crime.
2016 – present Avrajit Chakraborty Jayabrata Sengupta aka Joy Amiyo Bhushan - Lata's eldest child, Param-Debu-Mayuri-Tia's elder brother, Tandra's husband, Joba's elder brother-in-law, Anu's adoptive/official father.
2016 – present Manoj Ojha Debabrata Sengupta aka Debu Amiyo Bhushan - Lata's second child, Joy's younger brother, Param-Mayuri-Tia's elder brother, Palak's husband, Joba's elder brother-in-law, Tinni-Tanna's father, Adi's and Rinki’s father-in-law.
2016 – present Anannya Biswas Palak Sengupta (née Singh) Debu's wife and the second daughter-in-law of the Sengupta family. She is Tandra and Joba's sister-in-law, who is silly and outrageous in mannerisms and speaks with a Hindi accent, adding the fun quotient to the show. Palak is Sanjay's elder sister, Tinni-Tanna's mother and Adi's and Rinki’s mother-in-law.
2016-2017 Indrakshi Nag Mayuri Dasgupta (née Sengupta) Amiyo Bhushan - Lata's third child and eldest daughter, Joy-Debu's younger sister, Param-Tia's elder sister, Swapnomoy's wife, Diya's mother and Joba's elder sister-in-law. She had a brief extra-marital affair with Ani, but was able to rekindle her relationship with Swapnomoy with Joba's help.
2016-2017 Unknown Dr. Swapnomoy Dasgupta Mayuri's husband and the eldest son-in-law of the Sengupta family. He is a government service doctor by profession, Diya's father and Param-Joba's elder brother-in-law (and well-wisher). He was the only one who helped Param to disguise as "Dr. Srivastav" in order to prove his innocence after being framed to be a terrorist.
2016-2018 Soumi Paul Tia Majumdar (née Sengupta) Amiyo Bhushan - Lata's youngest child, Joy-Debu-Mayuri-Param's younger sister, Topu's wife (briefly separated from Topu due to domestic violence), Sanjay's ex-fiancée and Joba's sister-in-law cum friend.
2016-2017 Sutirtha Saha Topesh Majumdar aka Topu Tia's husband and the youngest son-in-law of the Sengupta family. He initially lived in the neighborhood of the Sengupta family and is Param-Joba's brother-in-law.
2018 – present Sreemoyee Chattaraj Tiyasha Chowdhury (née Sengupta) aka Tinni Palak-Debu's daughter, Tanna's sister, Joba-Param's niece, Sarthak-Anu-Koyel's elder cousin sister, Adi's wife, Soheli's daughter-in-law and Rinki's sister-in-law and Akash’s Mother.
2018 – present Aritram Mukherjee Aditya Chowdhury aka Adi Soheli's son and Rinki's elder brother, a businessman by profession. Adi is Tinni's husband, Palak-Debu's son-in-law and Tanna's brother-in-law and Akash’s father.
2018 – present Sayan Karmakar Tamoghna Sengupta aka Tanna Palak-Debu's son, Tinni's brother, Joba-Param's nephew, Sarthak-Anu-Koyel's elder cousin brother and Adi's brother in law and Rinki’s husband.
2016-17 Tanish Chakraborty Child Tanna.
2018 – present Payel Dev Dr. Anushka Sengupta aka Anu Minoti's biological daughter, Tandra-Joy's official/adoptive daughter, Joba-Param's niece, Tinni-Tanna-Sarthak-Koyel's (adoptive) cousin sister, Rahul's wife, an M.B.B.S. doctor by profession.
2016 – present Reshmi Sen Lalita Sanyal Tandra's mother, who continually helps her in executing her plans to disrupt Joba and the Senguptas' lives. She is Joy's mother-in-law and Anu's adoptive maternal grandmother.
2016 Tapan Ganguly Tapan Sanyal Lalita's husband and Tandra's father, Joy's father-in-law and Anu's adoptive maternal grandfather.
2016 – present Arindya Banerjee Sanjay Singh aka Sanju Palak's younger brother and Tandra's partner in crime with his sole mission in life being to destroy Joba-Param's happiness. He is Tia's ex-fiancé.
2018 – present Shaon Dey Soheli Chowdhury Adi and Rinky's mother, Tinni's mother-in-law, a high-society entrepreneur. She is wicked and fastidious by nature, looks down upon the poor and wants to humiliate Joba by fetching her son Sarthak for her daughter Rinki, mostly to satisfy her ego.
2018 – present Sampita Sarkar[10] Rinki Chowdhury She is obsessive to get Sarthak as a husband by any means and is finicky and arrogant brat like her mother, and is abusive towards Itu.
2018 – present Suvajit Kar Rahul Anu's friend as well as love interest, Koyel's counselor and later on, love interest.
2017 Biswarup Bandyopadhyay Sonatan Bosu / Dinesh Majhi (fake identity) Joba's elder brother and a terrorist.
2016-2017 Tania Ganguly Deblina aka Debi Param's childhood friend and aspirant (wicked).
December 2017 Prantik Banerjee Anirban Banerjee aka Ani Mayuri's ex-boyfriend. (cameo appearance)
2018 Aemila Sadhukhan Sreelekha alias "Basabdutta" Param's aspirant and a self-proclaimed god-woman, hired by Tandra to get rid of Param (who had lost his memory then).
mid 2018 Krishnakishore Mukherjee Sanyashi Arpananda A crime syndicate head, faking to be a pious person, who had joined hands with Tandra to utilize Supari by presenting him as a godchild to the masses and make money out of it, however, after he failed, he even tried to kill Supari; and was ultimately jailed.
2018 Samrat Mukherjee Dipanjan aka Deep Tandra's boyfriend and a fraud money launderer.
2018 Lakshya Punjabi[11] Ronnie Koyel's friend (actually hired by Sanjay for marking Koyel's deterioration).
2017 Sharbari Mukherjee Palak and Sanjay's maternal aunt
2017 Biswajit Chakraborty Deblina's husband
2016 Mrinal Mukherjee "Gurudev"
2016 Manishankar Banerjee Ambarish
2017 Aritra Dutta Banik


The title song of the series Ke Apon Ke Por is a duet sung by singers Trisha Parui and Shovon Ganguly. The original music has been given by Debjit Roy, while Priyo Chattopadhyay is the lyricist for this track.[12]

All lyrics are written by Priyo Chattopadhyay; all music is composed by Debjit Roy.

Ke Apon Ke Por Soundtrack:
1."Ke Apon Ke Por Title Song"Trisha Parui, Shovon Ganguly3:22


The show has been remade in several languages:


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