Kazutaka Kodaka

Kazutaka Kodaka (小高 和剛, Kodaka Kazutaka, born July 8, 1978) is a Japanese video game developer, scriptwriter. He worked in Spike Chunsoft (formerly Spike) and was the series writer of the Danganronpa franchise. He left the company and formed Too Kyo Games with other former members of Spike Chunsoft in 2017.

The goal of Too Kyo Games, according to Kodaka, is to create new intellectual properties, and for the staff to also create their own indie game projects;[1] he also mentioned that he would still like to go back to the Danganronpa franchise at some point in the future.[2] Death Come True, which is the first game of the company, is written and directed by Kodaka and was released in June 2020.[3]


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  • Jake Hunter
    • The Ghost in Shinjuku (2006) - Writer
    • Bright Days (2007) - Writer
  • Danganronpa
    • Danganronpa/Zero (2011) - Writer
    • Danganronpa: Naegi Makoto, Jinsei Saiaku no Hi (2013) - Writer


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