Kazan rebellion

The Kazan rebellion or Tatar Rebellion (1552–1556) was an uprising against Tsardom of Russia. It aimed to restore the Kazan Khanate, which the Russians have conquered in October 1552.

Kazan rebellion
Part of Russo-Kazan Wars
Date1552 – 1556
Result Russian victory
Muscovite Russia
Hill Cheremisa
People of Kazan
Meadow Cheremisa
Hill Cheremisa
Ar people
Nogai Horde
Commanders and leaders
Alexander Gorbatyi-Shuisky
Andrey Kurbsky
B. Saltykov
Gali Akram
[ayet Usayen
Tuaqmish Shahzada
Sarı Batır
Kebenke Morza
Qulay Morza
Casualties and losses
unknown dead
unknown wounded

The rebel armies mostly consisted of Tatars, Chuvash, Cheremises, Mordvins, and Udmurts. Some Nogais were also involved in the war. Independent rebel governments formed in Chalem and in Mishatamaq, the khan were invited from the Nogai Horde. Russian troops under Andrey Kurbsky and Alexander Gorbatyi-Shuisky opposed the "rebels".

At the peak of the rebellion Tatars controlled the greater part of the former khanate. However, the city of Kazan, the former capital, remained under Russian control. Ivan IV sent major reinforcements to the Kazan area and suppressed the uprising.

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