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Kazakh Naval Forces

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The Kazakh Naval Forces (Kazakh: Қазақстан Республикасы әскери-теңіз күштері, Qazaqstan Respýblıkasy áskerı-teńiz kúshteri; Russian: Военно-морские силы Казахстана) is the naval warfare branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The navy mainly operates on the Caspian Sea and is currently based in the coastal city of Aktau. The maritime branch currently has a strength of 3,000 personnel and is mainly equipped with fourteen inshore patrol craft.

Kazakh Naval Forces
Kazakh naval emblem
Founded2 April 1993 (1993-04-02)
Country Kazakhstan
BranchFlag of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.gif Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
TypeNational naval force, green water navy
RoleNaval warfare and defense
Size3,000 sailors and 14 patrol boats
Part ofMinistry of Defense of Kazakhstan
HeadquartersAktau, Mangystau Region
Colors                    Yellow, blue, black, and white
AnniversariesApril 2
May 7
Supreme Commander-in-chiefKassym-Jomart Tokayev (Acting)
Commander of the NavyCaptain 1st rank Saken Bekzhanov[1]
Chief of StaffCaptain 1st rank Marat Janaev
Deputy CommanderCaptain 1st rank Yermek Baygabulov
Deputy CommanderColonel Yerbol Begildayev
Rear Adm. Ratmir Komratov
Naval ensignNaval Ensign of Kazakhstan.svg
Naval ensign of the Border ServiceNaval Ensign of Kazakhstan Border Service.png
Naval jack of KazakhstanNaval Jack of Kazakhstan.svg



Kazakhstan’s Naval Forces were originally established in April 1993 as a naval base of the Kazakh Army. The base, which was stationed in Aktau, initially became active in service on August 17, 1996 in spite of Kazakhstan being one of the largest landlocked countries on earth. In July 1999, the naval base became part of the Maritime units of the Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan. It became a separate military branch by presidential decree on 7 May 2003. In February 2010, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in his position as supreme commander in chief of the entire military, presented the Battle Flag to the Kazakh navy. The 612th Airbase in Aktau was opened a year later, in 2011.[2][3]


Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command greets Rear Admiral Ratmir Komratov prior to a meeting in Astana.

The following units form the structure of the Kazakh navy:[4]

  • Naval Headquarters
  • Naval Infantry
  • Special Forces Troops
  • Marine Brigade
  • Coastal artillery
  • Caspian flotilla
  • Border Service of the KNB
  • Aktau Naval Academy (closed in 2011)

Naval EquipmentEdit

Vessel Origin Type In service Notes
  Kazakhstan   Kazakhstan Missile boat 4[5][6] Kazakhstan class
Türk    Turkey patrol boat 2[7]
OPV-62   Israel patrol boat 2[7] Pacific-class
Shaldag    Israel Go-fast boat 6[7] Assembled in Azerbaijan
10750E harbor minesweepers   Russia minesweepers 2 The first vessel was commissioned in 2017[8][9]
Project 01340G   Russia Research vessel 1 The ship is known to be a hydrographic ship. The vessel's name is Zhaiyk[10][11]
Su-27   Russia fighter jets 2
Mil Mi-24   Russia attack helicopters 12 [12]


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