Kawran Bazar

Kawran Bazar (Bengali: কাওরান বাজার) is a business district and is one the biggest commodity marketplaces in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh.[1] It is a designated commercial area of the Dhaka North City Corporation.[2]

kawran bazar dhaka

Coordinates: 23°45′14″N 90°23′33″E / 23.75389°N 90.39250°E / 23.75389; 90.39250

Ekushey Television studio headquarters in Kawran Bazar, Dhaka


During the Mughal rule, there was a customs check post located near Karwan Bazar.[3] Markets have existed in Karwan Bazar area since the 17th century.[3] In the late 18th century, a market was established in the area by Karwan Singh, a Marwari trader. The market was named Karwan Bazar after him.[1] By late 19th century, it became notable as a marketplace for household products such as pottery and crockery.[1]


It is one of the largest wholesale marketplaces in Dhaka city. It is also one of the largest marketplaces in South Asia. As of 2002, the market had 1255 stores, out of which 55 were owned by the Dhaka City Corporation.[1] In 2002, the wholesale market has a daily revenue of 50 million Bangladeshi taka.[1]

Kawran Bazar, Dhaka

Business districtEdit

The SAARC Fountain, located at the Panthapath intersection near Kawran Bazar business district.
Skyline of Karwan Bazar

Karwan Bazaar has emerged as an important business district of Dhaka. The main offices of Prothom Alo,[4] the The Daily Star, The Independent, and several other newspapers are located here. Also, the office and studio of television channels Ekushey Television,[5] NTV,[6] ATN Bangla, ATN News, Banglavision and ABC Radio are located at Karwan Bazar. The main campus of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology was located here. Samsung Electronics has an R&D center in Karwan Bazaar situated in Monem Business District.

Karwan Bazaar also has the headquarters for the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh,[7] along with Export Promotion Bureau, EPB of Bangladesh.


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