Katsuren Seiyū

Katsuren Ueekata Seiyū (勝連 親方 盛祐, ? – 17 July 1719[1]) also known by Bin Ueekata Seiyū (保栄茂 親方 盛祐) and his Chinese style name Mō Ōhō (毛 応鳳), was a bureaucrat of Ryukyu Kingdom.

Katsuren Seiyū
勝連 盛祐
sanshikan of Ryukyu
In office
Preceded byTajima Chōyū
Succeeded byIe Chōjo
Personal details
Died17 July 1719
Chinese nameMō Ōhō (毛 応鳳)

King Shō Kei dispatched a gratitude envoy for his accession to Edo, Japan in 1714. Prince Kin Chōyū (金武 朝祐, also known by and Shō Eikyō 尚 永恭) and he was appointed as Envoy (正使, seishi) and Deputy Envoy (副使, fukushi) respectively. They sailed back in the next year.[2]

He served as a member of Sanshikan from 1716 to 1719.[1]


Political offices
Preceded by Sanshikan of Ryukyu
1716 - 1719
Succeeded by