Katso is a Finnish weekly television magazine published by Aller Media Oy in Finland. The Finnish word katso means "look!".[1]

Katso magazine cover.jpg
EditorKirsi Lindh-Mansikka
CategoriesTV magazine
Celebrity magazine
Circulation27,543 (2013)
First issue1960; 62 years ago (1960)
CompanyAller Media Oy
Based inHelsinki

History and profileEdit

Katso started in 1960 as a TV guide,[2][3] but in 2003 extended to entertainment and celebrity gossip. For a short period after its 2003 renovation, the magazine was known as Katso! and was issued two times a week. In 2008 it reverted to being a TV guide abandoning all gossip journalism and focusing on inside views on television programs.

Katso is part of Aller Media[4] and is published weekly by Aller Media Oy.[1] The company acquired the magazine in 2006.[5] The weekly is based in Helsinki.[1][6]

In the 1960s the magazine was very influential in shaping the early Finnish television context.[2] Katso presents the annual Telvis television award.


In 2002 the circulation of Katso was 70,388 copies.[3] Its circulation was 72,741 copies in 2006[7] and 63,000 copies in 2007.[8] The 2011 circulation of the weekly was 27,979 copies.[9] In 2013 Katso had a circulation of 27,543 copies.[6][10]


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