Katrin Kallsberg

Katrin Kallsberg (born 30 July 1967[1] in Denmark) is a Faroese gynaecologist and politician Republic (Tjóðveldi).

Katrin Kallsberg
Løgtingsval 2015 Vágur-7-k.kallsberg-cropped.jpg
Kallsberg is on the poster from the parliamentary election 2015
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
Personal details
Born30 July 1967
Political partyRepublic (Tjóðveldi)

Early life and educationEdit

Katrin Kallsberg was born, 30 July 1967, in Denmark. Her parents, Olga and Kaj Kallsberg, are Faroese. She lived in Denmark the first six years of her life, until the family moved back to the Faroe Islands.[2] The rest of her childhood she lived in Eiði (1975-1979)[3] and Tórshavn where her father Kaj Kallsberg was working as a physician. At the age of 16 she spent one year in the U.S. as an exchange student. After that she went to the high school of Tórshavn in Hoydalar. She studied medicine in Denmark and specialized to become a gynaecologist.


Medical careerEdit

In 1995, she worked as a physician in Srebrenica with Doctors Without Borders for a short period.[4] After Screbrenica, she moved back to the Faroe Islands to work as a gynaecologist[5] and consultant surgeon at the hospital in Tórshavn, Landssjúkrahúsið.[6]

Kallsberg was chairwomen of the Faroese Equal Status Council (Javnstøðunevndin) from March 2012[7] until February 2016.[8] She participated in the Faroese TV-documentary Fólksins Rødd and participates in the Faroese radio debate programme Also.[9]

Political careerEdit

She was elected to the Løgting representing Republic (Tjóðveldi) at the 2015 general election with 396 personal votes.[10]

  • 2015-2019 Chairwoman of the Welfare Committee[11]
  • 2015-2019 Member of the Culture Committee

Personal lifeEdit

Kallsberg's husband, Poul Henrik Poulsen, died from cancer, in 2005.[12] They have two children, Brandur and Sólja.[1]


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