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Location of Katori District in Chiba Prefecture

Katori District (香取郡, Katori-gun) is a district located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The district dates back to the Taika Reform in the 7th century, and Katori District remained part of Shimōsa Province until the establishment of Chiba Prefecture. Historically Katori District occupied the area south of the lower researches of the Tone River.[1][2]

Since there is no population data since 2003, the post-Katori-Narita district had an estimated population of 40,260. The total area was 138.69 kilometres (86.18 mi).

Towns and villagesEdit

District TimelineEdit


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Coordinates: 35°46′48″N 140°28′41″E / 35.78000°N 140.47806°E / 35.78000; 140.47806