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Kasmira was a kingdom identified as the Kashmir Valley along the Jhelum River of the modern Jammu and Kashmir state. Possibly, the sage Kashyapa or a descendant of this sage lived here, since the name Kas is derived from the name Kashyapa like the name Caspian of the Caspian Sea. During the epic ages this was one among the territories of the Naga race. The Naga are related to Kashyapa; according to the Puranas, the Naga race originated from Kashyapa. The Kasmiras were allies of the Kuru king Duryodhana.

References in MahabharataEdit

All references are listed as Mahabharata, Book number, Chapter Number. E.g.:- (6,9):- Mahabharata Book 6 Chapter 9

Kasmira along with neighbouring kingdomsEdit

Location of Kasmira in the Epic Map of India

Kasmira is mentioned as a kingdom of ancient India (Bharata Varsha) along with the Sindhu, the Sauviras, the Gandharvas, the Darsakas, the Abhisaras, the Utulas, the Saivalas, the Valhikas, and the Darvis. Then again there are the Sudras, the Abhiras, the Dardas, the Kasmiras, and the Pattis (6,9).

Kasmiras were mentioned along with the Pahlavas, the Daradas, and the various tribes of the Kiratas, Yavanas, Sakas, Harahunas, Chinas, Tukharas, Sindhavas, Jagudas, Ramathas, Mundas, the inhabitants of the kingdom of women, Tanganas, Kekayas, and the Malavas as bringing tribute to Yudhishthira's Rajasuya sacrifice. (3,51)

The Daserakas, the Kasmirakas, the Aurasikas, the Pisachas, the Samudgalas, the Kamvojas, and the Vatadhanas were mentioned together and said to be vanquished by Vasudeva Krishna (7,11)

The Kashmiras and the Daradas, along with other tribes, were vanquished by Bhargava Rama (7,68).

The rivers of KasmiraEdit

The river Vitasta, is situated in the country of the Kasmiras and is the abode of the Naga Takshaka.(3,82). The rivers Chandrabhaga and the Vitasta have pure waters. The very many rivers flowing through Kasmira fall into the great river called Sindhu. (13,25)

Arjuna at KasmiraEdit

Arjuna during his military campaign to collect tribute to Yudhishthira's Rajasuya sacrifice, arrived at Kashmira.

Arjuna brought under his sway the seven tribes called Utsava-sanketa. Then he defeated the brave Kshatriyas of Kashmira and also King Lohita along with ten minor chiefs. Then the Trigartas, the Daravas, the Kokonadas, and various other Kshatriyas advanced against the son of Pandu. (2,26)

Yudhishthira's Rajasuya sacrificeEdit

The Kairatas, the Daradas, the Darvas, the Suras, the Vaiamakas, the Audumvaras, the Durvibhagas, the Kumaras, the Paradas along with the Vahlikas, the Kashmiras, the Ghorakas, the Hansakayanas, the Sivis, the Trigartas, the Yauddheyas, the ruler of Madras and the Kaikeyas, the Amvashtas, the Kaukuras, the Tarkshyas, the Vastrapas along with the Palhavas, the Vashatayas, the Mauleyas along with the Kshudrakas, and the Malavas, the Paundrayas, the Kukkuras, the Sakas and many others brought tribute to Pandava King Yudhishthira's Rajasuya sacrifice. (2,51)

Other referencesEdit

  • Kasmira king was mentioned as one among the great kings along with Alarka, Aila, Karandhama, Daksha, etc. (13,165)
  • Kashmerean mare is mentioned at (4,9)

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