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Kasma Science Fiction Magazine (ISSN 1920-5686) is a free online science fiction magazine based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, founded in 2009 by Alex Korovessis. Some notable contributors include Robert J. Sawyer, Ken Liu, Tom Doyle and Douglas Smith.

Published worksEdit

10 Years of SF! Volume 1
10 Years of SF! is an anthology featuring the best science fiction published by Kasma SF from 2009 through to 2018. The anthology features short science fiction from: Ken Liu, Tom Doyle, Alex Shvarstman, Nancy Fulda, Colum Paget, Nancy Fulda, Sean Patrick Hazlett, Jeremy Szal, Manfred Gabriel, Anatoly Belilovsky, Alexis A. Hunter, Alan Baxter, Mitch Edgeworth, Steve Stanton, Dwayne Minton, KC Ball, Steve Stanton, Tendai Huchu, Natalia Theodoridou, Robert Drake, Lee Beavington, Ashanti Luke, and Matthew Johnson. Cover art contributed by Jose Baetas.

Dependent Assemblies by Philip A Suggars
Roses in Winter by Sean Patrick Hazlett
Our Most Esteemed Scientists by Kris Ashton
Worm Problem by Jason Palmer
Fresnel Day by Josh Pearce
When the INVADER Comes: What to Do and How to Do It by Alexis A Hunter
The Gates of Hell by Aaron Wilson
Cinnamon Twist by Chris Dean
Inversions by Tom Doyle
The Galaxy's Cube by Jeremy Szal
Astra, the Falling Star by Sarena Ulibarri
A Man More Ordinary by Manfred Gabriel

Pinned by Sean Patrick Hazlett
Images Across a Shattered Sea by Stewart C Baker
Invocation of the Lurker by CJ Paget
Strictly Business by Gary Cuba
Eorapter, the Dawn-Plunderer by Alexis A Hunter
Skingame by Jeremy Szal
Close Encounter in Coyote Canyon by Sean Patrick Hazlett
Mountain of the Dead by Aaron Wilson
Consensus Building by Tom Doyle
Text Based by Josh Pearce
Tunguska by Sean Patrick Hazlett

The Wayfarer by Mitchell Edgeworth
Skin by Sean Patrick Hazlett
Sea of Photons by TL Huchu
All the Things We Gave You by CJ Paget
Art's Appreciation by Tom Doyle
The Taking of IOSA-2083 by CJ Paget
Sleep, Eidolon by Matthew Allan Garcia
Theft by Sviatoslav Loginov/Anatoly Belilovsky
To Bear Fruit by Alexis A Hunter Item Not as Described by JW Alden
Milk Man by Cornelius Fortune

Shadows Among the Jewels by Sarah Hendrix
Hoodoo by D Thomas Minton
Crossing Borders by Tom Doyle
The Kyne Extraction by Fi Michell
Pink Ice in the Jovian Rings by CJ Paget
Love Thy Neighbors by Ken Liu
That Tear Problem by Natalia Theodoridou
What Do Bots Know About Hope by JC Piech
As Dust Rolls Toward the Mountains by Serena Ulibarri
No Longer a Fragment by Alexis A Hunter
Colluding with Pulsars by CJ Paget
Forget the Rain by D Thomas Minton

Sean and Kitty in Love by Gary Cuba
Here-and-Now by Ken Liu
Speaking to Mother by Tom Doyle
The Glass Tunnel by Tim W Boiteau
HVC 541-35-1998 by Bernard J Hughes
Beyond Orion's Belt by Steve Simpson
The Way Home by Gary Cuba
Sungrazers by Ken Liu
Memory File #006 by Alexis A Hunter
Three Roads to Jerusalem by Anatoly Belilovsky
Ship of Fools by Mjke Wood
Consequences of a Clockwork Theology by CJ Paget

Salvage in the Void by Alan Baxter
The Unfortunate Necessity of Regular Upgrades by CJ Paget
Drilling by Ken Liu
The Pleasing Shapes by Franco Raud
Coward's Steel by KC Ball
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow by Sandra M Odell
Nuclear Family by Alex Shvartsman
Adrift by Willis Couvillier
The Choir Invisible by Anatoly Belilovsky
The Breath of Heaven by Nancy Fulda
Messenger by Steve Stanton
Karlsson by Anatoly Belilovsky
Evolution's End by Lee Beavington

Life Plus Seventy by Ken Liu
Penrose by Ashanti Luke
The Floating Otherworld by Tom Doyle
Mars Rising by Mark David Major
Where Even Fools Fear to Tread by Ashanti Luke
Influx Capacitor by Eric J Juneau
Manifest Error by Gary Cuba
Messenger by Steve Stanton
To Be the Queen by Shelly Li
Fulghum's Synthitar by Kevin Kvas
Ad Block by Ken Liu
For a Song by Sunny Moraine
Hull Breach by Robert Drake
Mistaken Identity by Alan Baxter
Promise by David Hebden
Forever by Robert J Sawyer

The Dragon's Lesson by Matthew Johnson
Dial Tone by KC Ball
Perfect Match by Steve Stanton
The Uploaded by CJ Paget
Leaving Town by Gary Cuba
Levels by Lawrence Buentello
The Dance by Glyn Hedeg
Consolation Prize by Cory L Calcutt
God Save the Queen by Dale Phillips
Reactivation Subroutine by Melissa Marriott

The Transmigration of Herakles Duncan by D Thomas Minton
The Quality of Free Air by Aaron Polson
Dotted Lines by Adriana W. Van Leeuwen


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