Kartal railway station

Kartal railway station (Turkish: Kartal istasyonu) is a railway station in Kartal, Istanbul. The station was a stop on the Haydarpaşa suburban between 1951 and 2013, when the railway between Haydarpaşa and Pendik was closed. Starting in late-2018, the station will re-open to Marmaray commuter rail service. Prior to 2012, Kartal station was also a stop on the popular Adapazarı Express regional rail service to Adapazarı.

TCDD Taşımacılık commuter rail station
2011 Bogazici.jpg
The Boğaziçi Express, en route to Ankara, passing through Kartal station in 2011.
LocationHükümet Cd., Yukarı Mah. 34860
Kartal, Istanbul
Coordinates40°53′16″N 29°11′00″E / 40.8878°N 29.1834°E / 40.8878; 29.1834Coordinates: 40°53′16″N 29°11′00″E / 40.8878°N 29.1834°E / 40.8878; 29.1834
Owned byTurkish State Railways
Operated byTCDD Taşımacılık
Platforms2 (1 island platform, 1 side platform)
Structure typeAt-grade
Opened22 September 1872
Rebuilt1949 (expanded)
2017-18 (platforms)
Electrified6 February 1977
25 kV AC, 50 Hz
Preceding station   TCDD Taşımacılık   Following station
toward Halkalı
toward Gebze
Former services
Preceding station   Turkish State Railways   Following station
toward Istanbul
Adapazarı Express
toward Adapazarı
toward Haydarpaşa
Haydarpaşa suburban
toward Gebze
Track layout
West to Haydarpaşa
East to Gebze


Kartal station was originally built by the Ottoman government as part of a railway from Kadıköy to İzmit. The station was opened on 22 September 1872.[1][2] The station, along with the railway, was sold to the Ottoman Anatolian Railway (CFOA) in 1888, which operated the station until 1924. In 1909 the CFOA began frequent train service between Haydarpaşa and Pendik; this promoted urban growth around the railway and Kartal station became the center of Kartal.

In 1924, the CFOA went through a process of nationalization by the newly formed Republic of Turkey. In that year, the CFOA was bought by the Turkish government and merged with the Baghdad Railway into the Anatolian—Baghdad Railways (CFAB).[2] In 1927, the CFAB was bought by the State Railways and Seaports Administration, the direct successor of the Turkish State Railways.[3]

The State Railways double-tracked the railway from Haydarpaşa to Gebze in 1949 and in 1951 began commuter rail service on the line.[1][3] The station was electrified in 1969 with overhead wire, when TCDD began operating electric commuter rail service.[3] Regional rail service was discontinued in 2012, followed by all train service in 2013 for the construction of the Marmaray commuter rail system.[4] The rails were torn up shortly after but construction halted due to problems with the contractor. Construction restarted in 2016 with the demolition of the station platforms. Kartal station was reopened on March 12, 2019, along with the entire Marmaray rail line.


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