Karjala Tournament

The Karjala Tournament (Finnish: Karjala-turnaus), also known as Karjala Cup, is an annual ice hockey event held in Finland. The name comes from the sponsoring beer brand Karjala.

Karjala Tournament
Peter Forsberg.jpg
Peter Forsberg representing Sweden during the 2009 tournament
Genresporting event
Inaugurated1992 (1992)


The tournament started in 1992 as the Sauna Cup.[1] In 1995, the tournament was played as Christmas Cup at the same time as the Izvestija Trophy tournament, just before the Christmas holiday, causing Russia to send a reserve team to the Christmas Cup.[2]

In 1996, the tournament was moved to early November under the sponsorship of Karjala under the name Karjala Tournament. It became part of the annual Euro Hockey Tour (EHT), in which the national teams of Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden compete in a series of tournaments. The event has continued to be held every November, with the exception of 2001 when the tournament was pushed back to April 2002.


Final standings in each event are determined in a round-robin tournament. If teams are tied in points, the standing is determined by the result of the game between the tied teams.

Year Winner Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
1992[a]   CIS   Czechoslovakia   United States   Finland
1995[b]   Sweden   Finland   France   Czech Republic
Part of the Euro Hockey Tour
1996   Finland   Sweden   Russia   Czech Republic
1997   Sweden   Czech Republic   Russia   Finland
1998   Finland   Russia   Czech Republic   Sweden
1999   Finland   Russia   Czech Republic   Sweden
2000   Finland   Sweden   Russia   Czech Republic
2002 (April)[c]   Finland   Russia   Sweden   Czech Republic
2002 (November)[d]   Finland   Czech Republic   Sweden   Russia
2003   Finland   Czech Republic   Russia   Sweden
2004   Finland   Sweden   Czech Republic   Russia
2005   Finland   Sweden   Russia   Czech Republic
2006   Russia   Czech Republic   Sweden   Finland
2007   Russia   Sweden   Czech Republic   Finland
2008   Russia   Czech Republic   Sweden   Finland
2009   Russia   Finland   Sweden   Czech Republic
2010   Finland   Russia   Sweden   Czech Republic
2011   Russia   Finland   Czech Republic   Sweden
2012   Czech Republic   Finland   Russia   Sweden
2013   Finland   Russia   Sweden   Czech Republic
2014   Sweden   Finland   Russia   Czech Republic
2015   Sweden   Finland   Russia   Czech Republic
2016   Russia   Czech Republic   Finland   Sweden
2017   Finland   Russia   Sweden   Canada
2018   Russia   Finland   Czech Republic   Sweden
2019   Czech Republic   Finland   Russia   Sweden
2020   Russia   Czech Republic   Finland   Sweden
2021   Sweden   Finland   Russia   Czech Republic
  1. ^ In 1992, the tournament was known as Sauna Cup.
  2. ^ In 1995, the tournament was known as Christmas Cup.
  3. ^ April 2002 tournament was part of the 2001–02 Euro Hockey Tour.
  4. ^ November 2002 tournament was part of the 2002–03 Euro Hockey Tour.

Medal tableEdit

Pos Team Gold Silver Bronze Medals
1   Finland 12 10 1 23
2   CIS
9 6 10 25
3   Sweden 5 5 8 18
4   Czechoslovakia
  Czech Republic
2 7 7 16
5   France 0 0 1 1
  United States 0 0 1 1


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