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Karim Alexander Adiprasito is a German mathematician at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who works in combinatorics. He completed his Ph.D. in 2013 at Free University Berlin under the supervision of Günter Ziegler.[1] He is of German and Indonesian descent, and bears an Indonesian surname.

Karim Adiprasito
Karim Adiprasito.jpg
Karim Adiprasito, Oberwolfach, 2012
Alma materFree University of Berlin
Scientific career
InstitutionsHebrew University of Jerusalem
Doctoral advisorGünter Ziegler

He was awarded the 2015 European Prize in Combinatorics[2] for his work in discrete geometry, in particular on realization spaces of polytopes citing "his wide-ranging and deep contributions to discrete geometry using analytic methods particularly for his solution of old problems of Perles and Shephard (going back to Legendre and Steinitz) on projectively unique polyhedra."

In joint work with June Huh and Eric Katz, he resolved the Heron–Rota–Welsh conjecture on the log-concavity of the characteristic polynomial of matroids.[3] With Huh, he is one of five winners of the 2019 New Horizons Prize for Early-Career Achievement in Mathematics, associated with the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics.[4]

Using Gromov's work on spaces of bounded curvature, he resolved the Hirsch conjecture for flag triangulations of manifolds[5].

In December 2018, he proved Peter McMullen's g-conjecture for simplicial spheres.[6][7]


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