Karamucho[1] is a Japanese snack food, which consists of potato sticks or potato chips, and is spicy by Japanese standards. Each 57g packet contains 301 calories. The name is a play on the Japanese word Karai, い, spicy.

Japanese snack food
Kara Mucho (Karamucho)
Japanese name カラムーチョ
Maker Koikeya
Ingredients potato, vegetable oil, red pepper powder, salt, sugar, MSG, spice


  • Kara Mucho Sticks, Hot chili
  • Kara Mucho Chips, Hot chili
  • Kara Mucho Sticks, Golden chili
  • Kara Mucho Chips, Golden chili
  • Gekikara Kara Mucho Sticks, Intense spicy hot chili
  • Gekikara Kara Mucho Chips, Intense spicy hot chili


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