Karamana is a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram (formerly and often still known as Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala, India. It is one of the most densely populated but green parts of Thiruvananthapuram. The land is serviced by the Karamana River, which originates from the southern tip of the Western Ghats at Agastya Mala. The river flows 68 kilometres (42 mi) westward and merges into the Arabian Sea at the Thiruvallom-Karumam area near Kovalam. Karamana is a major transit point for both trade and travel to and from the Kanyakumari district of neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Karamana old bridge
Karamana old bridge
Karamana is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 8°30′11″N 76°57′07″E / 8.503°N 76.952°E / 8.503; 76.952Coordinates: 8°30′11″N 76°57′07″E / 8.503°N 76.952°E / 8.503; 76.952
Country India
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationKL-01


According to myths, the name Karamana came from a namboothiri (Kerala Brahmin) family who lived on the bank of the river Karamana from the words kara (lit.'bank') and mana (lit.'house').[1]

Civil society and administrationEdit

Famous Sivan Kovil
Typical wall sharing street - 'Theruvu' (Sankara Subbayyar Street)

Karamana is situated within the city limits of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation (TC). It is the 20th ward of TC and is represented by a councillor on the TC Council. Like most parts of Thiruvananthapuram, Karamana has a substantial non-Malayalam speaking population, which contributes to the vibrant culture of Trivandrum. National Highway 66, the main travel and trade corridor of Kerala, passes through Karamana onward to the Central business districts of Thiruvananthapuram.

Notable peopleEdit

Thaipusam at the banks of Karamana River

Neelakanta Sivan, later known as Nilakanta Dasar, a Karamana resident, wrote many devotional songs in Tamil.[2] His disciple, Papanasam Sivan was influenced by his compositions, and worked in the government until age 35, when he began composing lyrics in praise of Siva, creating over a thousand songs.[3] He used "Nilakanta" as the mudra. He is especially known for his song "Lalitha Mahathmyam".[4]

Mahesh Sambasivan, a neurosurgeon comes from Karamana. He devised a technique to operate posterior third-ventricular tumours, an extremely complex brain surgery procedure. [5] He is also the Tantri of Sathyavageeswarar Temple (Sivan Kovil) and Durga Temple at Sreekanteswaram.

Places of interest and topologyEdit

Thaipusam festival

Karamana houses the temple of Sri Satyavageeswara (Shiva) and the Mahadeva Temple of Thaliyal. Every year, an annual Thaipusam festival is held on the full moon in the month of January or February.

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