Karachi Gymkhana

Karachi Gymkhana Ground, overlooking downtown Karachi

The Karachi Gymkhana (KG) (Sindhi: ڪراچي جمخانه‎, Urdu: کراچی جِمخانہ) is a premier gymkhana (sports club) in the city of Karachi. It is located on Club Road in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.


The club was founded in 1886.[1] It is one of the oldest gymkhanas in Pakistan.


Over 8000 members are enrolled in the club.[1] Karachi Gymkhana is one of the largest clubs in Asia, in terms of membership and sports facilities.[1]


The KG Club provides various sports and games facilities for its members. The club has a main building with a restaurant, snooker room, cricket ground, swimming pool, tennis, squash courts, badminton, table tennis, bridge room, gym and weight training facility. Most sports activities have coaches for newcomers. One has to pay for coaching services and membership is necessary to enroll in coaching courses. Every year there is an annual sports festival in which members and their children take part in various sports events on the cricket ground. There are regular tournaments for squash, swimming, cricket, table tennis and tennis. There are three types of swimming pools. One is the main pool for experienced swimmers, and there is one for learners. There is also one for younger children and toddlers. The Karachi Gymkhana cricket ground has been home to many famous matches as well.[citation needed] Famous cricketers such as Imran Khan have played on the cricket ground.[citation needed]


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