Karaburun Peninsula, Turkey

Karaburun Peninsula is a peninsula in the extreme western end of Turkey, one of the largest in the country. The peninsula carries the same name as the town and ilçe (administrative center), Karaburun, located at a pivotal point in its extremity. It is located west of the city of İzmir, comprised wholly within İzmir Province and is surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Aside from Karaburun district itself, two further districts, Urla and Çeşme, have their areas contained completely within the peninsula's geographical formation.

Map of Karaburun Peninsula at the western end of Turkey

Because of its intricate form, various sources may count as many as four isthmuses delimiting Karaburun Peninsula. These start from two north-south axes from either the immediate east or the immediate west of Urla Peninsula, centered on the town of the same name, which itself may be included or discounted as a section of the larger Karaburun Peninsula. Yet another such section is Çeşme Peninsula, once again homonymous with the administrative center of its region, which protrudes beyond its own isthmus from the extreme western of Karaburun Peninsula. Surpassing Urla and Çeşme peninsular sections in size is the smaller Karaburun Peninsula, whose area corresponds almost exactly to the area of the district of Karaburun, separated from the mainland by a yet another quite narrow isthmus at Balıklıova.

Karaburun has a warm temperature throughout the winter time, 22 °C. In spring 24 to 30 °C and in the summer 45+ °C.

The campus of İzmir Institute of Technology and İzmir Technology Development Zone are located in Karaburun Peninsula, both of them within Urla district.

Coordinates: 38°17′32″N 26°32′45″E / 38.29222°N 26.54583°E / 38.29222; 26.54583