The Kapilikaya Rock Tomb is located between Laçin and Kırkdilim,[2] 27 km north of Çorum, Turkey, on a rocky, steep and rough land formed by rift valleys cracked by river, on the north- west corner of a rock which extends to the north.[1] A steep trail ascends the left side of a rocky outcropping, culminating in stairs before a tomb. Access to its inner chamber is through a small square opening halfway up.[3]

Kapilikaya Rock Tomb
Native name
Turkish: Laçin Kapılıkaya Kaya Mezarı
LocationLaçin District, Turkey[1]
Coordinates40°45′24″N 34°54′38″E / 40.7565548°N 34.9104274°E / 40.7565548; 34.9104274 (Kapilikaya Rock Tomb)
Builtcirca 200-100 BCE

It is a rock tomb of the Hellenistic period, dating back to the 2nd century B.C. The inscription "IKEZIOS" stands on the door of the tomb.[1] The tomb is in a cube shape.


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