Kaoru Kobayashi (actor)

Kaoru Kobayashi (小林 薫, Kobayashi Kaoru, born on September 4, 1951) is a Japanese actor born in Kyoto. A multi-award winning thespian, he won best actor at the 30th Yokohama Film Festival[1] and best-supporting actor at the 8th Yokohama Film Festival for Sorobanzuku.[2]

Kaoru Kobayashi
Born (1951-09-04) September 4, 1951 (age 72)
Years active1971–present
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Spouse(s)Kumi Nakamura (1984–1995)
Koume (2009–)

Career edit

Kobayashi starred in Yoichi Sai's Quill.[3] He also appeared in Yuya Ishii's The Great Passage[4] and starred as "Master" in both the films, Midnight Diner and Midnight Diner 2. He is most widely recognized by Western audiences for his lead performance in the episodic counterpart drama series, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, which was later picked up for international streaming by Netflix. The show garnered critical-acclaim and holds a perfect 100% score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Filmography edit

Film edit

Year Title Role Notes Ref
1977 Ballad of Orin
1979 18sai, umi e
1982 Yaju-deka
1984 The Funeral
1985 Sorekara
Paradise View
Love Letter
1986 Sorobanzuku
1987 Twilight of the Cockroaches Saito
1989 Untamagiru Giru Leading role
1997 Princess Mononoke Jiko-bō (voice)
1999 Himitsu Heisuke Sugita Leading role
The Black House [5]
2003 Like Asura
2004 Quill
2006 The Blossoming of Kamiya Etsuko
Tales from Earthsea The King (voice)
2007 Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad
2008 Vacation
2009 Kamui Gaiden Hanbei
2010 Boys on the Run Suzuki
A Crowd of Three
Haru's Journey
Sketches of Kaitan City
2011 The Egoists
2013 The Great Passage Araki
Summer's End
2015 Midnight Diner The Master Leading role
2016 Midnight Diner 2 The Master Leading role
Fueled: The Man They Called Pirate Jisaku Kōga
2017 Kiseki: Sobito of That Day Morita
Mukoku Shōzō Yatabe
Lear on the Shore
Miracles of the Namiya General Store
2018 The Miracle of Crybaby Shottan Fujita
2019 His Lost Name Tetsurō
The Island of Cats
2020 Independence of Japan Shigeru Yoshida [6]
2021 We Made a Beautiful Bouquet Hirotarō Yamane [7]
Arc [8]
2022 Yes, I Can't Swim Professor Kamoshita [9]
A Winter Rose [10]
Dr. Coto's Clinic 2022 Shōichi Hoshino [11]
2023 Trapped Balloon Shigezō Kojima [12]
Baian the Assassin, M.D. Tsuyama Etsudō [13]
Baian the Assassin, M.D. 2 Tsuyama Etsudō [13]
Tsugaru Lacquer Girl Miyako's father [14]
Kubi Tokugawa Ieyasu [15]
The Boy and the Heron Old Pelican (voice) [16]
2024 The Yin Yang Master 0 Fujiwara no Yoshisuke [17]

Television edit

Year Title Role Network Notes Ref
1982 Tōge no Gunzō Fuwa Kazuemon NHK Taiga drama
1992 The Last U-Boat Tatsumi NHK TV movie
1996–2015 Naniwa Kin'yūdō Sumio Kuwata Fuji TV
2003–2006 Dr. Coto's Clinic Shoichi Hoshino Fuji TV 2 seasons [11]
2009–2014 Midnight Diner The Master TBS Leading role
2011 Carnation Zensaku Ohara NHK Asadora
2015 The Emperor's Cook Kaneichi Usami TBS
Koinaka Hirotoshi Serizawa Fuji TV
2016 Botchan Madonna's father Fuji TV Special appearance, TV movie
Hibana Watanabe Netflix
2016–2019 Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories The Master Netflix Leading role
2017 Naotora: The Lady Warlord Reverend Nankei NHK Taiga drama
Ties: A Miraculous Colt Kayama NHK Miniseries
Heaven Hajime Doisaki Wowow Miniseries
2018 Hagetaka Ryōsuke Iijima TV Asahi
2019 The Great White Tower Mataichi Zaizen TV Asahi Miniseries
2021 Reach Beyond the Blue Sky Shibusawa Ichirōemon NHK Taiga drama [18]
Kyojo 2 Takeshi Shindo Fuji TV Miniseries [19]
2023 The Days Furuya Netflix [20]
Kazama Kimichika: Kyojo Zero Takeshi Shindo Fuji TV [19]
Fixer Deputy prime minister Ichirō Suzaki Wowow [21]
2024 Tora ni Tsubasa Shigechika Hodaka NHK Asadora [22]

Dubbing edit

Awards edit

Year Award Category Work(s) Result
1979 4th Hochi Film Award Best New Artist 18sai, umi e Won
1986 59th Kinema Junpo Awards Best Supporting Actor Sorekara Won
9th Japan Academy Prize Best Supporting Actor Sorekara and Love Letter Won
1987 8th Yokohama Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Sorobanzuku Won
2000 23rd Japan Academy Prize Best Actor Himitsu and Coquille Nominated
2008 31st Japan Academy Prize Best Supporting Actor Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad Won
2009 30th Yokohama Film Festival Best Actor Kyūka and Kanki no Uta Won
2017 26th Japanese Movie Critics Awards Best Actor Midnight Diner 2 Won

References edit

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