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Kantipur (from kanti light, pur city) was a medieval kingdom in the Malla confederacy of Nepal. The name of the kingdom was derived from the Sanskrit name of its capital city, now known as Kathmandu.

Kingdom of Kantipur
कान्तिपुर देय्
Capital Kantipur
Languages Nepal Bhasa
Religion Hinduism, Buddhism
Government Not specified
 •  1484–1520 Ratna Malla
 •  1560–1574 Mahendra Malla
 •  1735–1768 Jayaprakash Malla
 •  Established 1484
 •  Unification of Nepal 1826
Preceded by


The kingdom started after king Jayayakshya Malla divided his kingdom so that his sons could be the rulers of their own kingdom. After its formation, the kingdom replaced Bhaktapur as the main trading center.

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