Kanaya Station

Kanaya Station (金谷駅, Kanaya-eki) is an interchange railway station in the city of Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, operated by Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central). The station is also used by the Ōigawa Railway.

Kanaya Station

JR Kanaya Station in 2007
General information
LocationKanaya, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka-ken}
Coordinates34°49′09″N 138°07′32″E / 34.819097°N 138.125460°E / 34.819097; 138.125460Coordinates: 34°49′09″N 138°07′32″E / 34.819097°N 138.125460°E / 34.819097; 138.125460
Operated by
Distance212.9 kilometers from Tokyo
Platforms3 side platforms
Other information
WebsiteOfficial website
OpenedMay 16, 1890
FY20172563 daily
Kanaya Station is located in Shizuoka Prefecture
Kanaya Station
Kanaya Station
Location within Shizuoka Prefecture
Kanaya Station is located in Japan
Kanaya Station
Kanaya Station
Kanaya Station (Japan)
Tōkaidō Main Line Station platforms, 2014.
Ōigawa Kanaya Station


Kanaya Station is served by the Tōkaidō Main Line, and is located 212.9 kilometers from the starting point of the line at Tokyo Station. It is also a terminus of the Ōigawa Railway’s Ōigawa Main Line and is 39.5 kilometers form the opposing terminus at Senzu Station.

Station layoutEdit

JR Kanaya Station has a two opposing side platforms serving Track 1 and Track 2 which are on headshunts, allowing for tracks for express trains to pass in between. The platforms are connected to the station building by an underpass. The station building has automated ticket machines, TOICA automated turnstiles and a staffed ticket office.

The adjacent Ōigawa Kanaya Station has a single side platform. The platform is equipped with Selective Door Operation, as trains longer than four cars in length are too long for the platform. The station originally was built with a terminal headshunt, which is no longer in existence.


1  Tōkaidō Main Line For Shizuoka and Numazu
2  Tōkaidō Main Line For Hamamatsu and Toyohashi


1  Ōigawa Main Line For Shin-Kanaya and Senzu

Adjacent stationsEdit

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Central Japan Railway Company
Tōkaidō Main Line
Home Liner: Does not stop at this station
Shimada   Local   Kikugawa
Ōigawa Railway
Ōigawa Main Line
Terminus   SL Express   Shin-Kanaya
Terminus   Local   Shin-Kanaya

Station historyEdit

Kanaya Station was opened on May 16, 1890, a year after when the section of the Tōkaidō Main Line connecting Shizuoka with Hamamatsu was completed. The Ōigawa Railway service began on June 10, 1927. Regularly scheduled freight service was discontinued in 1971.

Station numbering was introduced to the section of the Tōkaidō Line operated JR Central in March 2018; Kanaya Station was assigned station number CA25.[1][2]

Passenger statisticsEdit

In fiscal 2017, the JR portion station was used by an average of 2,019 passengers daily and the Ōigawa Railway portion by 277 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[3]

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