Kan-Laon is the name of an ancient Hiligaynon deity. During pre-Hispanic times, the deity was worshiped by indigenous people as their Supreme Ruler. In the Visayan language, Kan-Laon means "One Who Is the Ruler Of Time."

The Supreme Ruler
One Who Is the Ruler of Time
supreme deity

Kanlaon Volcano, is the largest active stratovolcano in the Philippines and highest peak in the Visayas region, specifically Negros, where it is situated.[1] A story states that Kan-Laon used to live in Mount Madia-as in Panay with some ally deities, but later moved her abode into Mount Kanlaon after the Hiligaynon epic heroes and lovers, king Laon and Kan (who were named after the goddess), defeated the dragon-like monster that lived in the volcano. The volcano is said to be where Kanlaon made her presence felt to the people. In ancient times, native priests and priestesses (babaylan) would climb up the volcano and do rituals every good harvest season or when there was a special ceremony. They would also offer gifts as a sign of respect.

Kan-Laon has many counterparts all over the Philippine archipelago. Some of the more popular are Bathala of the Tagalogs, Gugurang of the Bicolanos, and Kabunian of the Ilocanos and Ifugaos.


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