Kampung Gajah

Coordinates: 5°10′54.5″N 100°56′37.2″E / 5.181806°N 100.943667°E / 5.181806; 100.943667

Kampung Gajah (Jawi: كامڤوڠ ڬاجه; Chinese: 甘榜牙也) is a town and mukim in Perak Tengah District, Perak, Malaysia.[1]


The mukim has a population of 7,693 people and spans over an area of 59.57 km2.

The mukim is also home to Perak's 11th highest peak (1522m), Gunung Jelak, which is home to a small Kelantanese-Javanese population.


Kampung Gajah is also an autonomous sub-district (daerah kecil). The autonomous sub-district of Kampung Gajah also includes the historical town of Pasir Salak, as well as the nearby communes of Pulau Tiga, Kota Setia and Bandar.