Kamiminochi District, Nagano

Kamiminochi (上水内郡, Kamiminochi-gun) is a district located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2011, the district has an estimated population of 23,774 with a density of 84.11 persons per km2. The total area is 282.65 km2.

Municipalities edit

The district consists of two towns and one village:

  1. ^ a b Classified as a town.
  2. ^ Classified as a village.

History edit

Map showing original extent of Kamiminochi District in Nagano Prefecture:

* yellow - areas formerly within the district borders during the early Meiji period
  1. Shinano-machi
  2. Ogawa-mura
  3. Iizuna-machi
Colored areas are in this district.

District Timeline edit

Recent mergers edit

References edit

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36°46′59″N 138°09′14″E / 36.783°N 138.154°E / 36.783; 138.154